Advent is a season of preparation for Christmas and the Advent Wreath celebrates a reminder of what truly matters at Christmas. It represents the beliefs and the faith of Christians to reveal the deeper Advent Candles Meaning for Christmas. Some Christian faiths encourage families to light a candle on the wreath every day during Advent, followed by Scripture readings, songs and prayer. During the first week, one candle is lit each day. During the second week, two candles are lit, and so on. Their meaning is slightly different in different faiths because the colors of the candles are often different where in Catholic households, the first two candles are purple, the third is pink and the fourth is also purple. The exact time when the season of Advent came to be celebrated is not precisely known. You may have seen an Advent Wreath or sets in stores. The Advent Wreath itself holds four candles with the center open for a large candle. The candle sets for the wreath come with three purple or sometimes blue candles and one pink candle. One large white candle placed free standing in the center of the wreath. Many Christian churches use Advent candles as part of their church services during the four weeks before Christmas. Some Baptist churches choose not to follow this tradition but for those who do the candles have specific Advent Candles Meaning for each week of the Advent season and they are not just a pretty centerpiece to have on the table during the holiday season. Each represents a ritual, a time to remember why it is that we go through all this craziness. Stopping to light a candle and reading a passage. Spend a few minutes reflecting on what the holiday is really about can help you feel a deeper sense of peace and will provide a cherished memory for your children because in the end, Christmas is not about the gifts. It is a celebration of the birth of the savior of one of the biggest religions on earth. They will remind us the faith we have for Jesus that the first coming of Jesus is a joyful event and also a time to remember his death, resurrection and second coming. You can have advent candle meaning on your own to use on your advent wreath. You may also want to try decorating the tray that holds your candles with things you've collected from nature such as branches and rocks from your yard or a bough from your Christmas tree.

Remember, if you have children in the house that you should try to explain to them the different meanings and why this is part of your celebration. By that way, they can begin to understand the importance of the season to people of faith as something more than a time for getting presents. As you light a candle, dedicate it to a romance, challenge, condition or spot of everyday life for progress or a positive final result. This act of blessing focuses your focus on what you want to manifest and will help it to arrive about. The demands of a busy modern day life can lead to a feeling of fragmentation.

There are many interpretations of the advent candle meaning. Some believe the candles stand for Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. Some light the pink candle on the last Sunday before Christmas instead of the third. Some use four purple candles. In all traditions, the symbolism is steeped in the Christian faith.

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