Obesity only started to come along after the industrial revolution and became a widespread problem after the Internet revolution. Now, most things can be done at the click of a button, and most people's lifestyle has now become sedentary because of how the computers and Internet has changed the world. It is good that technology has helped us greatly, but it is bad that we have let such a lifestyle become part of us. A survey done in London has revealed that an average office employee now walk less than one mile each day.

At a particular point in time, it was believed that if you built muscles, but stopped training them, it will turn to fat. This is nonsense since muscles cannot become fat; it can only shrink. The only way you can become fat even after building lean muscle is to start eating too much and stop your exercising. When you start doing the above, you will also lose your lean muscle mass; however, these two changes just happen at the same time, and is not the result of each other. Very often, the problem is not that you eat too much, but that you exercise too little! When most people say they are sick and tired of being fat, they are probably so because they are fat. When you are overweight, you will be more prone to breathlessness and body aches.

You have to understand and make that change happen yourself if you really want it. You cannot simply wish to lose weight and pray that it will happen. It will not happen unless you were to start becoming more active in your daily life.

A way of starting your fat loss transformation is to start off by building up your lean muscle mass. For the ladies, there is no need to worry about becoming muscular looking as women do not have the necessary testosterone levels to gain the same amount of lean muscle mass as males do. Start following what fit people do and start taking stairs more often. The more muscle you have, the slimmer and more athletic you will look as muscle is much more compact than fat. Additionally, when you have more lean muscle mass, you will have a higher metabolic rate and burn off more calories per day without even trying to! Weight loss is only hard in the beginning as you need to start building that discipline to work out even if you are feeling tired.

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