Of course you immediately think of online, social media and email marketing when you think about advertising. That is the trend. But do not forget the old school print. That can still have a lot of effect. Sometimes paper works even better!

A sharp, current advertisement in the daily newspaper, a glamorous expression in a glossy, a door-to-door folder with the look of a magazine, a funny advertisement in the TV guide or a striking print advertising can produce a lot, if used for the good targeted group, with the right frequency and in the right media mix.

According to research into the impact of advertising by the Irish newspaper publisher, print advertising accounts for a quarter of all sales generated through media. Also interesting: on average, ten percent of online visitors are referred to the internet page via printouts. And a nice fact for car sellers: 38 percent of the test drives are the result of print ads. For the travel sector, a fifth of all booked trips can be traced back to a print advertisement.

The smaller, the more often
Another research also shows how successful print advertisements can be. For a high ROI (Return on Investment) you have to choose the right frequency. For smaller ads, they have a higher ROI, but must be placed more often than larger advertisements. During a campaign that runs for a few weeks, it is best to place an advertisement seven times. Advertisements that cover the entire page must be placed four times to achieve the same ROI.

A trend and a must! In print campaigns is to use advertisements to trigger action (call to action). Besides binding with your brand, you ultimately want to win customers and sell your product or service. This is possible with an inbound print advertisement, which the potential customer passes through to your website or social media.

If you're looking for more website visitors, give a reward when customers go to your landing page or website. For example, let them download relevant information for free, give a discount or let them be the first to take part in promotions. To guide readers, go with paper advertisements or folders to your website in a measurable way, you can use the URL, a special landing page or a QR code.

Of course you want your target group to see and read your printouts. For this you need to know that target group. Are they professionally interested in your brand and do they read the trade journal? Then these are the suitable places for your advertisement. Or do you want to sell your product locally; then the regional daily newspaper, event invitations, business cards, deal cards, printed vouchers, letterheads, can be suitable or you can choose a regional door-to-door leaflet distribution. Make sure your printed matter ad or folder fits into your communication strategy; let all means of communication carry the same message.

Better print than online
Sometimes magazines and flyers have more effect than online. Thus flyers, discount cards and printed garments remain good promotional tools for parties and events in, for example, the food service or hotel travel industry. Share them out or put them on the table and there is a big chance that your target group will read the flyer. For shops, they are a godsend to pack discount coupons or offers. Give them away in the shopping center or in the parking lot, then the customer can immediately benefit with his receipt in the store. If you have a pet store, you can, for example, distribute your flyer to all households within a radius of 10 km and with a pet.

A nice brochure is a paper gift. It is tangible and, if it is good, nice to look into. A good brochure is often kept for a while and is browsed through between companies. Some brochures are so beautiful that they look like magazines. They provide the consumer with useful information and entertainment. As a result, the reader often feels more quickly connected to the brand than with an online newsletter or e-mail.

The paper also wins the e-mail bomb, if it is a personal and targeted mailing. The recipient, who is named by name and is addressed to his interest, responds faster than recipients of an anonymous mailing. Especially in a time of mass mailings, consumers like it when they are addressed personally.

Final Words
Obviously, one should look carefully at the minimum requirements in the area of quality, hi-resolution and I would recommend same day rush printing. They are open 24 for hours and offer next day printing services. Remember the material and quality is inexcusable.

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Misty Jhones