In life and indeed love we need to appreciate the full advantage of self-understanding. As the better we know our individual & unique qualities and gifts, the better we may utilize these for a full & happy life, enjoying healthy, rewarding, and stimulating, relationships.
Self-knowledge also helps us to better identify and work on any problem areas of ourselves when required. This is always positive, as we grow and develop through-out our lifetime.
Now taking a philosophical view of life and our relationships within it. There are several ethical principles which we can apply to living in general & those relationships we have, to maximize our enjoyment, satisfaction, and quality of life in general. So let’s examine some of these ethical rules now.

Respect: at a life in general level this means; to respect is to acknowledge the sacred in the Earth & all living things. Definition at a relationship level – to acknowledge & value all the unique & different qualities our partners possess and bring into our daily lives.

Simplicity: at a life in general level; when we are inwardly rich, outwardly we need very little. Definition at a relationship level – simply taking the time to enjoy and appreciate whom you both are, and all that you share together.

Responsibility: Life in general level; each of us bears a share of responsibility for our communities, and hence for the world as a whole. Definition at a relationship level – taking individual responsibility for your own attitudes, behaviours, actions, and mistakes.

Learning: Life in general level; accepting living require constant learning, and questioning can help free our minds to learn. Definition at relationship level – understanding we are all constantly evolving, developing, & adapting our attitudes, beliefs, & abilities through-out life. And that as a result our relationships are also constantly growing, adapting, & changing.

Seeing: Life in general level; being aware means seeing with our hearts as well as our minds. At relationship level – Realizing we as individuals, and also couples, have an emotional part of ourselves which requires both nurturing and understanding.

Self-awareness: Life in general level; self-awareness helps free us from fear and ignorance that obstruct relationship. At relationship level – the better we know & understand the self, the easier it is to find joy and contentment in sharing with another.

Integrity: Life in general level; is the clarity of intention that comes with understanding & love. At relationship level – Integrity means obtaining and practising self-honesty & consideration in ones relationship with the self, and with others.

NOTE: Material contained in this article is not intended to take the place of professional assistance. If you experience relationship pressure of a serious nature you should consult a professional Counsellor or Therapist as soon as possible.
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