You may well wonder how effective the Reiki can be with distractions around. There may be a television in the background, you may have a teenage child or a share a home with someone who plays loud music, you may have a young baby who wakes up crying for attention in the middle of your self-healing, an elderly parent who suddenly needs to be taken to the toilet, children to listen out or look out for, or any number of things.

For example, your friend or partner may have asked for a session, and your or your friend's children were still around the house. You did the healing as you would normally. At the same time, you may have obviously been listening out just to check the kids are okay. In the case of your mind being continually distracted, you may well wonder if the session is working and if the energy is flowing properly.

This is a very common question. So do not worry, you are not alone.

Remember in your training what you learned about the flow of energy. Reiki goes wherever it is most needed for the highest good. And remember that when you are giving Reiki, you are the vessel, the channel, through which Reiki flows. As you give any healing, you also receive a healing. If you find the distractions of the children annoying or worry about what they may be up to (getting themselves in danger, etc), then the Reiki will go to you and your feelings and the children situation rather than your healee. Your healee, be it a friend, partner, yourself, or whoever, may also feel unable to let go and surrender to the Reiki if there is a lot of noise or there are numerous distractions around during the session.

If need be, you can have a shorter session, preferably at a time of minimum distraction. You can also play relaxing music that can distract the person receiving the healing from the noise and help you focus on something calming as well as focusing on things that need your attention. This multi-tasking can work for many people, but if not for you, then simply choose a time where your attention is not divided, and you can sink comfortably into the flow of energy.

Lastly, remember that practice is the key. The more you do it, the more the Reiki flows regardless of distractions. Enjoy your learning and your healing.

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