Using watches as gifts is gradually becoming a trend and chosen by many businesses. Giving a watch to guests helps show affection and maintains a cooperative relationship, but it is not easy to choose the right watch.
In this article, SanGIa VN Gift will advise you on how to choose a watch as a gift for your customers.

Advice on how to choose watches as gifts for customers
If you are still wondering what kind of watch you should choose as a gift for a customer, check out the following suggestions.

Suitable for each customer :
For customers who are employees in the company you can choose a clock with wood material. With this material the watch will bring a sense of luxury and friendliness.
For normal customers of the business, the watch is made of hard plastic material which will be very suitable.SanGia Vn said that, it will help you to be grateful and retain customers in the occasion of giving promotional gifts or advertising gifts.
For high-end customers, you should choose watches made of crystal. This is a sophisticated crafted watch model and is considered a class gift.

Pay attention to oriental culture :
If the customer is a destined Kim, then the watch must be made of copper, with a round shape. Colors are white, silver or yellow. With customer Moc Moc, you should choose a clock with green, green to bring luck, career to go up and meet many successes.
Customers of Water element, you should choose watches with white or iridescent colors so that they become more youthful and dynamic. However, you should not choose a clock with red, pink, or orange colors that will affect your career.
Those who love Mars, watches as customer gifts in red, orange, yellow ... are the most suitable. Because they will bring abundant vitality and energy to the owner, do not choose the blue color for the Martian.

Some points to consider when choosing watches as gifts
For a gift that doesn't make silly mistakes, please refer to the following notes to make the gift for customers more perfect.

Leave your own mark of the business :
Gifts sangia vn always Print logo on gifts to create a unique mark of the business. As such, you can both create an impression for your customers and help your unit promote your image and brand further.

Choose gifts according to customer preferences :
In order to bring high efficiency and impress customers, a popular item will not be able to be implemented. So for important customers, choose a watch according to their preferences or personalities.

Thoroughly decorate the gift :
Pay attention and carefully decorate your watch before you bring it, gifts with wrappers will show respect for the person receiving the gift.

With the information Qua tang SanGia Vn provided through the above article, hope you will choose the type of watch as a gift for the appropriate customer. Don't forget to send meaningful and good wishes to your customers

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