You are feeling Monday blues and it is only Sunday night. You are not alone in the wide world of working people. Many people feel the way you do and there are many who have found a way of dealing with Monday blues. There are also those who are lucky who they do not feel it. So, how do you deal with it?

1. It Is A Concept
Monday blues is a concept and while there are research to show that it is real, it is still something that when you think about it more the worse it becomes. The way I deal with it is to not think about it. Does it go away? I am not sure. But it makes me feel better. I liken it to feeling an itch that I cannot scratch. If you think about the itch, the itchier it becomes. So, I just refuse to think about Mondays'. And I feel better immediately. Get that concept out of your mind. The more you think about it the worse it gets.

2. Get Some Sunlight
Or rather get out into the open when you can. Sometimes, just by being outside helps. There has been research that shows the sunlight stimulates our feel good hormones and it helps deal with the blues, Monday blues or otherwise.

3. To Do List on Sunday
Whenever I return from a long vacation, I use the day before I start work to tidy up my work list. It helps me prepare for the workload that awaits me when I get back to work the next day. I use the same thing to deal with Monday morning blues. Get your to-do list ready for the week. Sometimes we feel the blues because we dread going to work as the list of things we have to deal with is so long. When you have a list, you feel you are more in control and hence feel less of the Monday blues. Being prepared a day before is surely a good way of tackling Monday blues.

4. Start Early
Let us face it; sometimes it is not the Monday blues that drags us down. It is our laziness. Or what I like to call 'inertia from the weekend'. We sleep in on Saturdays' and Sundays' and have a leisure weekend, our bodies expects Monday to be the same. So we hit the snooze button and before you know it we are rushing. We all know what happens when we rush. We skip breakfast, have small mishaps and before you know it, the start of the week is ruined. We blame it on Monday morning blues. But it is not the Monday morning blues, it is laziness. Start your Monday early and see how that changes. Have good breakfast and see how it changes your Monday.

5. Food
Ever thought about food as a way to tackle your morning blues? By starting early you allow yourself to make yourself a good breakfast or grab one on the way to work. If you are not a breakfast person, I strongly urge you to try it to tackle your morning blues. A stomach with fuel for the day helps in dealing with Monday morning blues.

If that does not work, look forward to a good lunch. Think about who you will have company for lunch and what you will be catching up on and the happenings of the weekend that you like to share with your lunch partners.

Create your own dominant thought that masters your mind. Monday blues need not own you and you need not fear it. The more attached you are to the concept the worse it will affect you. Try some of these 'remedies' and see how it will help you tackle Monday blues.

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