Ramadan holds exceptional significance for every Muslim. It’s the month in which Allah Almighty blesses with infinitely many benefits, rewards, and bounties. Fasting for the complete 29-30 days in Ramadan from dawn to dusk is a religious obligation for all the adult, physically and mentally fit Muslims. The concept of Ramadan is to learn the ultimate traits of patience in one’s personality as well as brotherhood and love for needy. With a variety of cheapest Ramadan umrah packages UK, many people also go for the performance of minor pilgrimage in this month. As it remains mentioned in Hadith; (description) ‘Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj’.

Here are a few pieces of advice to stay healthy during Ramadan.

Iftar should be healthy.

Iftar is surely a feast for a believer but one should refrain from over-eating. Especially avoid eating oily and sugary foods instantly after the whole day of fasting. Rather, switch to nutritious food. Break your fast with water and dates, then opt for some other eatables but in a limited amount. Remember to abide by the one-third rule.

Avoid extreme workout routines in Ramadan.

Extreme workout routines will result in nothing but tiredness during Ramadan. Instead, you can switch to a lighter workout routine. There are plenty of experiences that can give you the exact benefit of a heavy-weight exercise. So, prefer doing those. A 30-minute exercise routine is more than sufficient for you in Ramadan.

Get your body hydrated enough.

Hydrating your body is very essential in Ramadan. Since you cannot drink anything throughout the daytime, don’t drink too much at iftar also. Have your daily dose of water i.e. 10 - 12 glasses within small intervals of time. Limit your consumption of caffeine i.e. coffee and tea, as they are very much dehydrating.

Skipping a Suhoor meal should not be an option.

Suhoor meal is very essential for the person who is intending for fasting. It’s also a sunnah of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) to wake up midnight and have Suhoor. However, remember that the food you consume must be in accordance with your need i.e. sufficient enough to help you spend the day without getting energy-drained. So, eat a variety of meat and dairy products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Health and fitness must be the two things you must especially take care of in Ramadan. The only way you could enjoy Ramadan to its full extent is when you are physically healthy, active and full of energy. Even, if you are going to Saudia Arabia through a tour package for umrah, health becomes even more concerned for you. So, avoid eating out in Ramadan and consume organic eatables. That’s the only way you can minimize the risk of different stomach irregularities.

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