writing quality articles and keeping the subscribers interest is not a something difficult,many people don't go beyond reading two paragraphs because after it the become bored and they go over to other website.To tackle problem you should Break the information into pieces that can help purpose of writing articles is to deliver the excellent details wanted by your readers.so here are some great ways towards How to write an article.

focus on the title from beginning to end,don't give up on your focus or else you will end up writing junk or most probably the viewer will not go beyond reading four or five lines.start your article with telling a reason for why you are writing the article so that the reader knows what the article is and he do not bounce of to other website,also tell in few lines what will the article contain.

Raise the quality of your articles. If people are reading your articles and still your revenue is not increasing, this should make you clear about what the people think of your articles.THey are certainly not well pleased from your articles and you need to research more before writing articles so that they can increase your revenue.

Your viewer might not think of you as an or trustful source of knowledge and If this is the issue with you then try to write each of your article to build your presence on the internet,brang your selve in the articles.

IF you write quality articles but still you are not getting visitors to your articles this means that you have not get the word about your articles out of the box,you need to also work on this side,tweet your article,share it on facebook,dugg it on digg and use as much social bookmarking sites you can,this way hundreads of people will open your articles,also write long tail keywords for your articles as they carry less competition and their is a bright chance that people will open your article via search engines too.

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