A Simple Strategy for Affiliate Marketing

Is it a safe assumption to suggest that you would like to have a step by step process to follow in learning affiliate marketing? The process of affiliate marketing is not difficult in concept, but there are many components required to achieve success, I am going to simplify that process by identifying two of the most important steps on that journey.

Step One: Find a Mentor

The first step in reaching your goals is to locate a coach and mentor who has already proven a path to success in the affiliate marketing process. My journey to affiliate marketing success began in the fall of 2008, and I could not believe the number of home business opportunities and make money online programs that were available. Furthermore, I was astonished at the pricing for programs offered by the proven "gurus", $1997 seemed to be the common demand for top mentoring programs, and many of those were just rehashed garbage, or recorded live seminars. I knew that if I could find someone, at a reasonable price, who had already proven a successful marketing method, that I would have taken an important short cut to succeeding. So began my search for an program within my means, that would teach me the spectrum of online marketing methods.

Phase Two: Niche Identification

When you have located an affordable mentoring program, the next thing that you will need to do is identify a market niche with sufficient demand, and products which you can use to satisfy that demand. Almost everyone who looks at affiliate marketing as a business seems to be fascinated with the make money niche, I am no exception, as I have been enthralled with the machinery of revenue stream creation since childhood. But you should bear in mind that the make money niche is extremely difficult to make an impression on in 2011. It would behoove you to investigate the marketplace, and find a niche that has both high demand and consumption, without a level of competition that is insurmountable, which will allow you the opportunity to get a good level of subscribers and sales.

While the concept is simple enough, it is not really easy, I have worked on many sites where it took six months to rise in the search engine results pages. Having a product that you believe in is helpful for maintaining the motivation that you will need to reach your objective. So its important to ensure the products you promote meet your personal requirements for purchase and use. As you enter the affiliate marketing world you only have one reputation, and you shouldn't sell any products with the potential of compromising that precious commodity.If you will pay heed to these two suggestions, you will have a leg up on the competition in affiliate marketing. Starting on the right foot will help to ensure that you meet your goals in affiliate marketing.It is not a good idea to jump onto every "automated: system" that you see in your email in box, it is a much better idea to associate with a membership site that will provide an ongoing course of self paced learning, along with both on and off line support for the difficulties you encounter.

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