What is Affiliate Marketing? Basically it’s marketing a merchant’s product for a commission.

There are so many scams out there; how do you separate the wheat from the chafe?

7 Truths of Affiliate Marketing:
1. Low start up cost; but there are some costs.
2. You don’t need your own product. That’s true. However, you might want to work toward creating your own while you market other peoples’ products.
3. You can promote other peoples products. That’s true. There are thousands of affiliate programs to choose from. Your job is to find one you’re passionate about and one you know something about.
4. You can learn as you go. That’s also true. There are hundreds of how to become a super affiliate ebooks. You need to learn restraint or you’ll spend a fortune buying junk and going nowhere with marketing.
5. You can find supportive affiliate programs. True. You do that by doing research. You’ll find the same names popping up over and over; these are the gurus. Pick one and follow their plan. Market their product.
6. You can start affiliate marketing while you’re still working. True. Don’t quit your day job until you are making a living with your online business.
7. It is possible to make decent money with affiliate marketing. True. It takes time, effort, planning and commitment.

5 Untruths of Affiliate Marketing:
1. You can get rich quick. Overnight the money machine will make you wealthy while you sleep.
2. It’s easy. You don’t have to do anything. Just buy their miracle program.
3. It costs you nothing to have a million-dollar online business.
4. Only their miraculous program is the true road to riches.
5. There are short cuts to vast wealth. Buy this product and in 24 hours you’ll be rich.

3 Outright lies of Affiliate Marketing
1. You will get rich quick.
2. It’s O.K. to borrow other people’s writings.
3. You don’t have to do anything except buy a product and you’ll wake up rich.

Affiliate marketing can be a solid way to make some real money or it can be a solid way to spend a lot of money.

There are probably more scams than plans. There are more people losing money than making money.

So what to do if you want to try your hand at affiliate marketing?

First, stop wasting your time jumping on this band wagon and then that one. I know I’ve done it. I’m now focused on three information products. I will expand as these become profitable.

Truly successful affiliate marketers are a tight community. It won’t take more than one day of research to see the same names over and over, these are the players.

Secondly, focus on learning, then earning. Know how first, then do.

That’s the order of success. Research, plan and do. Copy the leaders.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you get to use the successful merchants’ tools. They’re making money; why reinvent the wheel?

Start with one thing, do it well, make it profitable then start another.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing
1. You can work at home
2. You control your life
3. You can supplement your income
4. Eventually you might quit your day job
5. You have freedom

There are scams and rip offs on both sides of the business. There are the folks who buy a product, download it and immediately ask for a refund.

There are those who sell and the download link doesn’t work, they do not respond to email and they offer no help and in the fine print they offer no refund.

It just pays to be cautious when you pull out your credit card.

A major affiliate red flag, a warning sign: There’s no contact information on their offer.

That one scares me; the ones I want to play with give me email, name, address and sometimes a phone number.

Things you can do before you buy:
1. Search for reviews
2. Search how long they’ve been in business
3. Where are they located?
4. How can you get in touch?
5. Money back guarantees

Most gurus worked several years to get where they are. Using their tools and products, you can start and become profitable fairly soon.

Tips for Affiliate Marketers
1. Blog sites are free; start there
2. Do diligent keyword research
3. Read and write articles
4. Work, work, work
5. Study, study, study
6. Use pay pal for payment
7. Look at refund policies
8. Find out more than they tell you in the ad
9. Pick and choose your mentors carefully
10. Read review sites


Can it be profitable? Absolutely.

Can you spend a lot of money and make nothing? Absolutely.

Are there legitimate affiliate programs? Absolutely.

So what to do?
1. Find a product
2. Research, is there is a need or a demand for the product?
3. Create a way to build an email list
4. Advertise with ezine articles, PPC, do good SEO
5. Create a business plan and follow your plan
6. Learn how to convert visitors to opt ins and sales

Here’s to your success.

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Wee Dilts is a teacher, counselor, psychologist and a life long student and teacher of metaphysic. She has written numerous self help articles, ebooks and sales training courses. She is dedicated to helping you live a richer fuller life. Read her affiliate reviews, view self help ebooks, and profit as an affiliate.