Affirmations do work! Often people give up on affirmations after a few weeks as they feel that they are not working. I often describe an affirmation as being like a seed. You have to be patient, nurture it and cherish it, until it blossoms into what you desire. Often you can’t see the seed growing under the earth – but it is! You just have to trust.

An affirmation is a repeated short and specific statement that is spoken aloud, thought or written down. Affirmations can alter our direction in life through the re-programming of our self-talk and self-beliefs.

We use self-talk affirmations all the time in our heads, but unfortunately mostly negative ones! For example:

• I can’t do that
• I feel guilty
• I never have enough
• I am not good enough
• This is hopeless
• It will never work

Think about what messages you are sending out when you think negative thoughts…..We do as we think…. Affirmations are our instructions and we get what we focus on!

Do you use negative affirmations like ‘I will never lose weight’, ‘I will never find the relationship that I want’, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I am hopeless with money?’ Do you utter ‘Oh I look awful today, each time you look in the mirror?

To choose the best affirmations, we must firstly get in touch with EXACTLY what it is that we want. Is it success, acceptance, love, acknowledgement, weight loss, money?

We then begin by creating affirmations that boldly and emotionally state what we want as though we already have our goal!

For example:

I earn $…………..per annum right now
I have an abundance of energy, health and determination
I weigh……………..kgs right now
I am calm and stress free.
I can handle all situations life throws at me
I love and accept myself
I am filled with beauty strength and light
I am perfect just as I am
I am beautiful and everybody loves me
I now choose happiness
I am at peace with everyone around me

Some Rules

• Always create your affirmation in the present tense
• Use only positive words
• Keep your affirmation short and specific
• Do your affirmations even if you do not feel like it!

As we write or speak our affirmations, we encourage our mind to visualize how the accomplished goal looks. Affirmations help us to achieve great things in our work, have wonderful relationships, forgive ourselves, forgive others, build confidence, release old habits and create new ones!

Try writing three affirmations down thirty five times, twice a day for 14 consecutive days and witness what changes occur! When you are convinced about the power of affirmation, why not record them onto a tape or cd to listen to? Don’t worry if it feels strange when you do emotions – just trust that they are working!

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Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She contributes to many successful magazines and her hugely popular DIY Coaching Manual reveals everything you need to know from achieving exciting goals, to identifying and releasing toxic emotions.

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