We have been talking about “what are affirmations?” in this site countless times. We have also talked about the magic it brings to your life, your loved ones, and the people around you. We all know how the power of affirmations work and make our lives much easier than before. However, there are still a lot of people who do not know what an affirmation truly means. They throw the word around without knowing what these words really mean. They know that all of these bring positive energy and throw the negative thinking out of your mind.

It is also possible that you might ask: why knowing the matter of the meaning? Would that change anything? It is still important to know what affirmations truly mean because, by that, your brain would understand everything, and thus, everything would make sense.

This article will tell you everything you must know about what affirmations mean, how they work. Some tips on how to write the best statements you can repeat every day. We hope that you learn a lot from this article, and may you use it to affirm positivity in your life.

What Affirmations Mean

Let us define first what affirmations mean. Simply put, these are powerful statements aimed at attracting success, both basic and specific ones.

These words allow you to tell your subconscious that you are clearly in control of your mind and body. These words do not simply mean happy thoughts. In theory, these should be constructed to make you feel more powerful each day. Each time you repeat these words, they become a part of your personal behavior, allowing you to practice positivity and spread love to everyone around you. These statements shape your reality to be a person who is grasping everything.

Most of our waking time, we are thinking of negative thoughts more than positive ones, whether we like them or not. One research has revealed that most of your subconscious thoughts (80% of 50,000) are all negative ones. Psychology tells us that having that much negativity would not have any benefits for us. Your confidence would drop, you would not experience any mindfulness, no healing is in sight, and there is no way you will feel healthy and achieve your goals daily.

When you affirm, you declare something positive. When you do it, your health, esteem as a person, feelings, and many others would be affected in a good light. When you declare positivity, it reduces anxiety. It makes you more focused on meditation to achieve your true objectives in mind.

When you look at the mirror and repeat these words with the belief that you will start your day, a simple phrase can bring you free motivation to work harder. When you take a video of yourself, and you love how you look, it is an important step in letting positivity enter your life and improving its different facets. In short, these examples show that practicing this easy step every morning will help your words become more effective for your life and those around you.

What These Can Bring To Your Life

Uttering affirmations every day would make quite an impact on many aspects of your life.

You will not feel bad about sleeping a lot when you sleep because you need it for your overall health. For instance, repeating words that say you will be able to take care of your health will impact your physical aspect. You will soon experience having sound sleeping patterns because you feel well-rested inside.

Positive words are also helpful in bringing your stress levels down, avoiding depression, anxiety, and other psychological and mental issues and concerns. If you believe in the positive words you utter, it will also reflect on your social circles, allowing you to create an aura that your friends will surely find nice.

By allowing positive thoughts to run your life and do your job, you are helping your mind create unique habits that will bring happiness to your life.

How to Write Effective Affirmations

Creating a list of positive words you can pass off as affirmations are easy, but it is more than that. These phrases will not be called affirmations if you just wrote them without any concrete idea. These messages will be turned to waste, so it is important to know how to write truly meaningful and beautiful affirmations.

There are several steps you must follow in writing affirmations that work. Here are some of those.

- Talk about what you really want to happen.

It is very important to avoid using negative feelings and emotions when writing an affirmation. For example, suppose you want to overcome your money troubles. In that case, you must not include something about being broke or poor in the affirmation. You must choose which words to use in your affirmations. Including negative words would deflect the energy and not focus on the bright future ahead of you.

- Use the present tense.

Using the present tense in your affirmations will give a huge boost to the power it holds. Why? Your mind benefits from visualizing your affirmations if you think it has happened to you as part of your experiences. For example, you can say, "I have a great academic standing," instead of saying, "I will be great in school." When you use the present tense, it makes you capable of thinking that you already have it in you.

- Start with "I am..."

When you start your affirmations with "I am...", it gives actions to your brain, like a command. It has an effect on your cognitive thinking, as your subconscious sees it as an order that needs to be followed. Giving your affirmations an identity to your brain would guide your brain to follow it as a command. This is a shred of perfect evidence on how our mind works.

- Always be specific.

The moment you start to be specific with your affirmations, you command your mind once again to listen to you and visualize your affirmation in your head. Suppose you want to be promoted at work, or you want a successful career shift. In that case, you can say, "I am enjoying my position as a ________, or I am currently enjoying my new job."

- Keep it short and succinct.

There is no need for you to record long audio about how you wanted your life to be designed as you wish or write several pages in your journal based on your dreams and aspirations. Keep it short, encapsulating your values and beliefs in one or two short sentences. Keeping it short and snappy allows your brain to remember it as part of its mind exercises.

- Write it especially for you.

Your positive affirmations should mean something to you. Avoid vague, broad, or ambiguous statements as much as possible. For example, if Louise wants to talk to Mr. Cohen about her promotion, she has to make it sound like it's for her.

- Keep it meaningful.

Lastly, always make sure that your positive affirmations have a distinct definition to you. You should maintain an air of meaning to it because that is how mantras work. Say it as you mean it, and make sure it has meaning to you too. Always remember the sunny days you may have if you keep everything meaningful.

Are They Similar to Mantras?

Now, you might be thinking if affirmations work the same way as mantras since they all sound the same in theory. Even though they seem to mean the same thing, there is a difference between these two.

Mantras have spiritual meaning, and these words and phrases have more spiritual weight to them than affirmations. They are usually associated with meditation, especially in Asian cultures. On the other hand, positive affirmations do not bear any spiritual weight on them. These are simple phrases and statements designed to be repeated frequently to cultivate positive feelings, emotions, and thoughts in those who speak of them.

In short, mantras have spiritual weight on them used in many Asian cultures and in meditation. At the same time, positive affirmations are designed to create happy thoughts for those who use them frequently.

Our Takeaway

Affirmations are simple phrases meant to invoke positive feelings and happy thoughts to people who use them. It would help you attract more positive energy that you can enjoy in your everyday life when done right. Always make sure to keep your affirmations short, concise, and specific. Always use the present tense, and of course, keep it meaningful to you. They might sound the same as mantras, but remember that positive affirmations do not have any spiritual meaning on them. Thus, you cannot replace it with any religion or faith. This also goes the same with psychological assistance. Remember to use positive affirmations properly, and you can be prepared to harvest the fruits of your endeavors.

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