There are many ways out there for one to change what is taking place within them and to therefore see themselves differently. With these changes making it possible for them to feel empowered and to be able to live the life they desire.

Now, although change can seem instant at times, it rarely happens over night. When it does appear instant, there are usually a lot of things that have happened in order for one to get to this point in the first place.

These can be steps that one has taken that have seemed almost insignificant up until his point. And yet they have gradually accumulated to allow one to reach a certain milestone and to go to the next level in their evolution.


But the desire to have quick or even instant results is very common in today’s world. Some people could say that life is short and therefore there is little time for change to be slow and drawn out.

While other people can take the position of ‘good things come to those who wait’. In this case, patience is the key and hard work will eventually pay off and be rewarded. Each one of us was an impatient and impulsive child at one point and so this impatient side is likely to be in everyone to some degree or another.

The difference being that some people can keep it under control and others have difficulty keeping this side in check.


However, there are clearly going to be moments in one’s life when being impatient is vital. To be patient during these moments could lead to one wasting time and to avoid taking action.

So it will be important to take each situation into account to make sure that one is using the right approach. This doesn’t mean that one will always get this right as we are only human and this means that mistakes will be made and the wrong decisions will be taken.


When one has something that they want to change, they may have the need to change it instantly and to embrace another way of being. If they have come to the conclusion that they want to change everything about themselves, then the need to change could be even greater.

And if they have one area that is extremely challenging, the need can be just as strong. This is going to create pain and a sense of being out of touch with their true nature.

The Next Step

Pain can be something one uses to push them towards what they want or one can end up engaging in escapes as a way to avoid pain. The first option can lead to growth; the second option can cause one to stay stuck.

And the desire for change can also cause one to be attached to a future time when things will be different and to lose the only moment they have ‘the present moment’ in the process. But this discomfort can also be used or channelled in such a way that one’s life ends up being enhanced, and not put off until a time in the future when it has the potential to be better.

The Present

With one having a vision and doing all they can now to make it a reality, as well as being content with the now. When one is attached to something, it can end up being pushed further away and repelled, where as to let it go, takes away the resistance and can allow one to experience what they desire sooner.


So what one can use to change their beliefs and thoughts and therefore their behaviour, are affirmations. These are certain statements that one says to themselves in order to create change. A certain time frame is generally recommended in order for one to internalise the message and for it to become who they are.

One could use these when they wake up and when they go to bed or at any time throughout the day. With repetition often being described as the key to all learning; the more times one says them the better.


However, some people use affirmations and nothing really happens. They might be told that they haven’t used them for long enough or said them with enough emotion attached for instance.

So one might say the following statement to themselves - ‘I can achieve anything I want’. And not only does there mind disagree with this, but they also end up feeling the complete opposite. One approach would be to keep saying it until all this other stuff goes away.

But to look at this another way would show that one is repressing how they really feel. If one stands by the outlook that their thoughts create their feelings, then this won’t be a problem. The challenge arises when an alternate point of view is raised; with this being that thoughts don’t always define how one feels.

Into The Body

It is also possible for ones feelings to define how one thinks. And this can be the result of one having trapped emotions in their body. For example, let’s say one has an experience that is emotionally charged. If these feelings are not processed, they can end up being trapped in one’s body.

And along with this emotional experience, will be the beliefs and the thoughts that the mind creates and these are often a consequence of how one feels. When one has trapped emotions in their body, it is going to be a challenge for them to accept statements that go against how they really feel.


In order for one to accept statements that are empowering, it might be necessary for them to release the trapped emotions in their body. As this happens, one will find it easier to internalise these statements.

This can be done with the assistance of a therapist, healer or a close friend for instance.

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