One thing I realized about affirmations is how important the way you state them is. For instance, I used to state one of my affirmations with the words "I am rich." That's great, because I knew that somewhere I was rich, and that all I had to do was find the way to manifest this already existing wealth. The catch was, at that period of my life when I said "I am rich" and then looked around me, not only did I not believe that, but I was also saying that "I am rich, and my life as it was currently represented being rich!" Incredible! That meant that I didn't have to get any richer, because with the money I already had---I was affirming and I was thinking that---I was rich! So if what I had represented "rich" to me, then why attempt to attain any more? At least, that's how the mind responds to that statement, and through the power of that consciousness, that's what my life always looked like; having enough, but then nothing more. The coaching I received to correct this condition was to visualize things being the way I wanted them to be, regardless of the way they actually were. Yet I have always felt that there must be a better way to state my desires than this "fake it till you make it" technique. Turns out, there is! What was more powerful as a means to achieve the results I really wanted, was to tell the truth. That truth sounded something like, "I am getting richer and richer every day!" In taking a stand with the energy of my words in this exact way, my increasing wealth was what I was affirming, and I was certainly always able to look around me and believe that this was not only possible, but that this increase was already happening! And the best part of all about this affirmation, is that it works even today!

One other component to the way we state things, is the way we state things! Said another way, if you say an affirmation with passion, then the results will turn out to be more like the results you would expect from someone doing what moves them. Think about that. You've had, as we all have had, those relationships where we just didn't put that much energy into them. What did they feel like? How was that for you? I can only speak for myself, but it wasn't that much of an inspiration for me having such relationships in the past. But the ones I was passionate about? They have always worked out, even with my friendships. Energy in, energy out. So the way you state your affirmations is just one more part of an important and effective process. For me, in order to be passionate it is required that I go beyond what I label as my "level of embarrassment," that point of feeling where I customarily stop at like a wall, and then back down from my dreams the moment I feel embarrassed. What is required is that instead, I simply allow myself to have those feelings without adding any meaning to them, and then go through them so that all manner of miracles flow from my affirmation process. There's always some feeling like that for any one of us, it really doesn’t matter what it is. What I realized from all this was what it meant to be embarrassed. What it meant was, that I was embarrassed! Nothing more, nothing less. After realizing that truth, and then going through that once solid wall called "I'm not going to go on here, because of my embarrassment" I could then use my affirmations more effectively.

Words are paths, ways to achieve things, because words generate thoughts, and thoughts generate things. When selecting your affirmations then, it's so important to not only choose ones that resonate with your goals and your feelings as they are now, but to also make certain that you are using words that will lead you to exactly where it is you want to go. It is imperative then, to use only practices that have been carefully designed for maximum power with these effective principles of the affirmation process in mind. As long as each one has been applied, tested, and found to work well, you are off to a good start. And then after that determination, even though they work well, like a resting Ferrari, someone has to gas it up, tune it, and then get in and drive! That driving of our lives is up to us. Our feelings, our thoughts, and then our words all have a certain power. When we affirm these three parts of ourselves in an effective way, and in alignment with what we want to have show up in our life, that time is when we are at our maximum power. Maximum power means maximum ability to choose, and it is in choosing that ultimately we will find our real power. What to choose, then becomes the question. That's the point of setting goals and planning on ways to achieve them. Once done, you can then most efficiently choose the affirmations you use as the means to get you going toward your destination. To be in the driver's seat, with the Ferrari fueled up, fired up, and in motion. Now, that's traveling right!

Author's Bio: 

“Degrees and pieces of paper aside, the only real success we can ever have is in the creation of who we are, what we do, and what we manifest in every moment, from this moment on!” . . . TB Wright, Author/Inventor

Tom B. (TB) Wright overcame tremendous odds growing up in a life threatening environment overrun by racially charged violence in the 1960s. He now looks upon these early influences as the crucible that forged his will to continually rise above his circumstances and to overcome all obstacles he encountered throughout the course of his journey in search of a better life.

A student of Ancient Toltec Wisdom, Ernest Holmes work, and the marital arts, Mr. Wright is a respected Science of Mind licensed practitioner and seventh degree black belt. Before creating The One Penny Millionaire!™ transformational seminar, he enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a practical personal growth trainer, professional communicator and writer. Early in his career, TB Wright was a professor of English and he served as a communications aide to two U.S. Presidents. For the latter, he was awarded a Presidential Service Citation.

To date, Mr. Wright’s professional accomplishments also include:

§ Licensed Practitioner, Science of Mind
§ Executive Director and coursework creator for The Mastery Project, conducted with prison inmates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Texas
§ Licensed Avatar© Master, Worldwide Transformational Seminar Series
§ Guest Seminar Leader, Landmark Educational Corporation
§ Staff member, The Six Day Intensive, Life-altering courses, in New York and San Francisco
§ Co-Founder and President Of The Board, Katuah Sudbury School.
§ Participant, (By Invitation Only) Forum Leader Program, in recognition of transformational skills

In addition to his work as a practical personal growth trainer, T. B. Wright is an author, business owner, inventor and philanthropist. Mr. Wright has published a series of personal growth-oriented books, including Acronyming Power, Acronyming Power II, and Be BAD! Do Good. He was also nominated for The Pushcart Prize in poetry. He founded The Wright Builders, Inc., and co-founded the Katuah Sudbury School for Children in Asheville, North Carolina.

TB Wright currently resides in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, with his two children.