When helping individuals within corporations to work effectively with their affirmations. I remind them that they might sometimes feel resistance well up inside themselves, when they are affirming any new behaviour. When anyone in your team affirms something, which challenges their comfort zone, they will initially feel resistance. Their little voice will try to keep them trapped in their comfort zone and they will try will to negate the positive change, which they are attempting to introduce. This is a completely natural, knee-jerk reaction, but they can learn to overcome it, if they are willing to keep repeating the affirmations, despite the negative response from their inner self.

That negative voice, which tries to tell them to stop as they are living in fantasy-land, is merely natural resistance to change. The negative feelings they will experience are the result of negative programming and an inert resistance to be moved out of their comfort zones. The good news is that when they feel resistance, they just need to understand that it is just a natural part of the process and they must just learn to let go and press on with the affirmations throughout the day, despite the negative feelings. Over time the clarity that comes with consistent affirmation, will allow them to eventually embrace their new affirmations and they will start to almost subconsciously carry out the new behaviours required.

Remind all your team members that when you start to affirm any new behaviour or belief, it is like shining a light into a very dark part of a room, there are bound to be shadows. As they however continue to switch on the lights in the room, by continuing to repeat their affirmations, for a period of about 60 days, the room will eventually be completely lit. They must keep shining the light of their affirmations into the room and switching on the lights by repeating their affirmations and noting the negative voices and thoughts that arise. In doing this, they are raising their automatic subconscious thought processes to the conscious level. That’s the level where they have control.

Benefits of Encouraging your Team Members to Use Affirmations Every Day

To introduce affirmations which support their individual team members, to introduce new behaviors, which are aligned with the overall vision of the team or organization. Means a leader must first get absolute clarity about what he or she wants to achieve, with their team or organization. This clarity will then have to be clearly communicated to each individual team member, so that they completely understand their individual role in delivering on the overall vision, before any affirmation work can begin. The clarity of vision which is a prerequisite, before any affirmation work can begin and the way this must be communicated to everyone in the team, is the reason utilizing affirmations is so powerful.

Yes, the affirmations encourage each team member to engage in new positive behaviors, which support the overall vision of the team, which is exactly what any leader wants from the individuals in their teams. The real power of affirmation though, is found in the work required before every team member gets to the point of understanding, where they know what new behaviours or beliefs to affirm. As they dig to discover the new behaviours, which will support the overall vision of the team or organization, they will get clarity of purpose and develop a very clear understanding of what they need to do every day to ensure their team succeeds.

Using This Clarity to Support Performance

To firmly place the affirmations, your team members want to introduce into their subconscious mind and reprogram the limiting beliefs they have gathered throughout their lives, they must make a strong commitment to repeat their affirmations with real feeling every day. They must use repetition, association (actually visualizing themselves in the action), and emotion to reprogram their mind to accept the new reality or behaviour they want to introduce with affirmation.

As they introduce these new behaviours and beliefs into their lives, it will feel like they are turning the head of a horse to travel in the direction they want to go. As they change their focus, rid themselves of the negative self-talk, and reprogram their subconscious mind, their reticular activating system will help them achieve the outcomes they want, with far less effort. The clarity and focus from all team members, where everyone is pulling in the right direction and everyone knows their individual role required to deliver the vision and goals of the team, will see your teams achieve incredible outcomes. I can help you get the clarity you need and to clearly communicate this to every team member, so that you can begin to achieve the results you want.


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