For generating sales and leads, nothing works better than SEO. With affordable search engine optimization, you can get started on the road to success. Here is what to expect.
Long form high quality content publishing
It is necessary to go past 500-word mark in the web pages, blog posts, and the articles or the business finds itself at a disadvantage. A study done in 2012 with 20,000 keywords had 2000 words average length in the first 10 results. For number one spot, the average word number is 20% higher with 2416 words. You would come across generic and short articles in the low quality sites only.
Often the people would turn to the search engine for getting quick answers to questions. Daily information requirements of the 10% users involve knowledge regarding broad topics. Today search results help the users to find the in-depth articles. The optimization services create informative, in-depth content to answer the pressing question of the readers. Reaching certain count might be important but it should never take precedence over quality.
Stress on on-page SEO
When talking about SEO the external factors would often hog the limelight. Outside signals, social interactions, and the links might be necessary for ranking but you cannot ignore the importance of on-page SEO. This involves the optimization of individual pages on the web involving the source code and content. This would lead to higher SERP ranking and more site traffic. The Affordable SEO Services India use the following tactics for on-page SEO.
• Title: this captures the page information. For the best results, professionals include target keywords so that this reads well. You have to maintain maximum 70 characters.

• User-friendly URL: simple to read and short URL is the best. It is necessary to include primary keyword for better idea for the readers. They would know what is on page prior to clicking.

• Description: the description of the page may not be useful for rankings but this has its functions. This might make huge differences related to click-through rate keeping it optimized and relevant.

• Keyword frequency: the search engines do not use the density of the keywords but it examines how many times the keyword appears in content. Use of target phrase sometimes in post body is a good idea.
Affordable search engine optimization makes use of internal linking to draw visitors and the search engine to particular page. This provides multiple benefits from SEO perspective.

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This provides multiple benefits from SEO perspective.