Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are serious ailments. Tragically, suffering from the disorder makes it even harder to pay for treatments. That can lead to a downward spiral. Inability to raise funds for eating disorder treatments lets the condition go unchecked.

Fortunately, there are many ways to afford them, even for those with very modest incomes. The help is there, even when it sometimes takes a little digging to find it.

Many large and medium-sized cities (and even some small ones) have community health clinics and other local support organizations. While they don't typically specialize in eating disorder treatments, they usually have a therapist on staff who has seen just about everything. Often, such clinics are free or needs-based. Demonstration of inability to pay is enough.

That treatment may not be entirely free; the clinics ask for donations and sometimes require payment for any drugs prescribed. But they are as about as inexpensive as it's possible to get outside a government program.

Speaking of which, for those who qualify, there are many local or state agencies that offer counseling for eating disorders. Some will even provide prescription medications for free or a nominal charge. Often, their programs are actually implemented through the clinics discussed above.

As an alternative, you could seek out a local college or university. Many times, the psychology department has researchers looking for people to participate in their programs. Sometimes, they even pay you.

Check online to find a listing for your local agency and/or clinic, or university. Call them, and see what your options are.

Affordable eating disorder treatments are available in other ways. One of the more common is some kind of payment plan offered by a private, for-profit health services business. Many eating disorder treatment centers will go out of their way to help you fund your treatment.

Those plans can cover a wide array of options. Some are zero or ultra-low interest payment plans staged out over the life of the treatment (or beyond). Others involve using Medicare, Medicaid, and other government-funded aid programs. Good clinics are chiefly concerned with helping you make yourself well and they know that a healthy person is likely to repay any credit offered.

For those with health insurance, there are even more options for affordable eating disorder treatments. There's no need to suffer further from ruinous costs that only increase your stress.

Many insurance plans today include various levels of co-payment for psychological counseling. Such recognized ailments as anorexia and bulimia are commonly included in those benefits.

Naturally, the actual amount varies from state to state, plan to plan, and person to person. Sometimes, the cost is a nominal co-pay of $5-$25 per session. Insurance contribution amounts of 80% or more are also far from unknown. Check with your particular provider (or employer) for details.

What kinds of eating disorder treatment are covered and the specific costs vary by type, as well. Some plans involve full-time residence (for a while, at least), prescription drugs to combat physical effects, round-the-clock nursing, and the like. Others are outpatient programs. Not surprisingly, the costs of those two extremes vary substantially. There is often a middle ground.

As a consequence, so does the level of assistance, whether offered by community service programs, government welfare, or private insurance programs. To know which is best for your circumstances requires individual analysis. Seek out your local options, both for treatment and payment assistance, and discuss them with a professional.

Keep uppermost in mind one important thing, though: no matter your situation, there is always a way to obtain an affordable eating disorder treatment. No one need continue to suffer because of low income or lack of insurance.

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