You are about to live the dream ... you are doing to Disney World! You have the money, you hope, to cover hotel costs, food, and travel expenses. You have calculated everything down to the penny. It may be tight, but you and your family deserve this trip, and you want them to be happy and enjoy themselves.

How can you do more to stretch your vacation dollar so that you can have money for extras at the theme park? Here are some tips to help you organize an affordable Disney family vacation, and possibly give you an adventure of a lifetime:

COUPONS Check the lobby of hotels and restaurants for magazines with discount coupons. You can get lots of bargains with the coupons! You can also try to find the coupons online.

TICKETS Multiday passes or family passes can help you save money, compared with the 1 day tickets , but be sure to read the terms and conditions, expecially the validity period.


An affordable Disney family vacation begins with the way you get there. If you are within at least 16 hours from Disney, a car may be a way to go-it all depends if you want to spend that much time with children in the back, and how much time you are going to spend at the Disney theme park. Taking a bus with your family is out of the question, unless chartered specifically for a Disney stay. This can be expensive, depending on the distance you are from Disney, and if it makes frequent stops, exhausting.

Air travel to Disney can be affordable and fun, along with convenience and speed. You can find deals all over the Internet for this. While searching for a deal, you can easily book a rental car very cheaply as well. That way you can come and go as you please, and go see other sights around the theme park.


The food as Disney World is OK, but too expensive for the whole family to eat every day. If you fly to Orlando, and all you have is your baggage, purchase a nice sized cooler with wheels to keep in your rental car while at the park. At lunchtime you can ride the tram to your car and eat, then go back. This way everyone in the family can have what they want, and be satisfied. Outside the theme parks are restaurants and fast food places, you just have to be able to get there. This is not to say you should not eat at Disney, just keep in mind your budget.


Hotels are always full of empty rooms, especially during these financial times, so finding one at a discount should not be difficult. Try not to stay at the Disney Resorts. Even when they offer you discounts, the prices are unbelievable. While you are planning, use the Internet. You can find discount hotel prices everywhere, and they do not have to be so near the theme park. You can consider getting a vacation club membership to save money in the long run. Check out the Disney Vacation Club reviews here.

Make sure it is a hotel that will accommodate you and your family - call them and question about the rooms and amenities before purchasing online. Study a map of the area to be acquainted with the roads and grocery stores, etc., that are around the city associated with the theme park.


Remember that you can refill at water fountains throughout the day. Just bring a water bottle.

Whatever Disney theme park you go to, remember to take in everything you can. If you have done your homework and planned a great affordable Disney family vacation, then it will be the most memorable time you and your family have ever had.

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