Why is it that images of scary monsters, clowns and dark closets with holes in the back leading to strange far away places conjure up such fear for us? The movie, "Narnia" comes to mind. After years of night terrors and fears I am no longer afraid of the dark.

As a child I was terribly afraid of the dark. I remember scrambling up the stairs from our basement when I was a child so that the monsters I was sure that occupied it in the dark would not get me. I also used to take a flying leap from the doorway of my bedroom onto my bed so that the monsters lying in wait for me under my bed would not grab my ankles and drag me into their unknown ghoulish spaces. What causes a fear of the dark and how can we overcome it?

For many the thought that there is an unseen world out there that we know little about conjures up thoughts of dark angels, spirits, ghosts and other images that send chills down our spines. The fact that I saw ghosts as a child made this unseen world much more real to me than for most children. Clearing limiting patterns removes these deep seated fears. Schedule a session with Jennifer to remove your fears. Live a life of freedom. Start living life authentically, from your heart now!

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a mystic, author, speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Relationship and Dating Coach. She is also a talk show host on Voice America Internet radio - her show is called INTO THE MYSTIC. It airs on Thursdays at 1:00 MST, 2:00 MST, 4:00 EST.

You can download her show from iTunes, or straight from Voice America Radio 7th Wave - INTO THE MYSTIC.