Africa is not my blood in virtue but your love?

Africa is the biggest continent of the nation, ‘Africa’ is the name speak in many historic, cultural, religious, in language in their own words, in reality Africa it not only name represent a country in the territory but it has many different language and colour of nationalities with different culture and taken as a own identities of nationalities in a territory, by different name as a country, but identify as a whole country, ‘Africa’ after all.

The colour of economic in a most territory is worse than in history, as at the time of Queen ‘Bil-Kis-Rani’ at the time of Prophet Solomon. Most are financially, economically, as often seen suffer, under the own political reason’s fail to maintain their own country often suffer as crisis of foods, dry lands, drought, Poverty, often driven political administrations into believing foreign help aid and assistance.

When the country holds secrets economic financially sounds of Kingdom of Lord beyond any measure of scale in word, under the administrations own feet, under the own feet of ground speak in many cultural language, the soil is the richest of all. When any one plant anything’s it will grows tall as coconut or mango tree no one ever want to buy to eat natural fruits mango or coconut for examples.

Unfortunately, administration’s were driven into miles away from conquering the own soil of land under their own feet is worth more than begging the foreigner the foreign country for assistance of foods for the honorable peoples of ‘Africa’

Where only, Foods, Life and wealth only depend on almighty Lord Hand. No one ever has any part to play with, foods, Life and wealth but those who has Knowledge of Kingdom; they are the most gainer and winner for their own peoples to govern their own territory, with love and peace. As in history, in Islam Prophet Solomon. [Matthew: 12: 38—43: & 13: 13—24:]

Unfortunately, most Africa, administration fallen into Western foreign richest country spell, under the ‘LGBT’ Diplomatic solution to bring their own country into alive. That when the own peoples are the most suffer. The Africa country upheld the economic second to none richest soil of the Domicile land in the nation.

In the name of “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him” in the soil of Africa under the feet’s of Africa Government administrations any thing will grows to feeds the millions and millions of peoples in Africa, without, begging any foreign Government for foods in every financial economic years.

As in history in Islam Prophet Solomon given invitation of Islam to the none Muslims Queen ‘Bil-Kis-Rani’ Government to accept Religion Islam, as Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, sister, who converted Religion Islam to govern within mean of Islam.

"In the name of almighty Lord in Arabic “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him” mean in English, ‘Introduction’ which mean “In the name of almighty Lord, the most merciful and most beneficial of mankind”

Unfortunately, the none-Muslims Queen ‘Bil-Kis-Rani’ was rich in wealth more than Prophet Solomon, officially was proud to declare war against Prophet Solomon, if any further invitation of Islam given to her.

Prophet Solomon was so poor with his army, who was also so proud of ‘Bil-Kis-Rani’ to continue ‘War’ should her Government intend to ‘RULE’ against the Religious Islam. Under any circumstances, Prophet Solomon given States official warning to Queen Bil-Kis-Rani and Her Government will not give rights to abode those who against Islam but to consider once again, in the name of “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”.

Or out of Kingdom. Second time clear message to the Queen Bil-Kis-Rani’ was given.

Finally, before any, Diplomatic military blood in the street the Queen Bil-Kis-Rani’ happily accepted Religion Islam. And requested Prophet Solomon, how to govern her own country within Islam to give Instructions in the name Lord. When Her Government financially, suffer every, financial years short of foods. And peoples almost forgotten almighty Lord Allah Kingdom.

After Bil-Kis-Rani accepted Religion Islam, under the instruction of Prophet Solomon, Her Government began to feels the atmosphere is changing every day. As examples in most Africa, worsen than Africa dry lands, Drought, and no sign of waters or raining.

The Bil-Kis-Rani Government seem to notice under the own feet’s, in dry land as Africa, every where, new natural plants, and natural trees is growing, and natural plants of different fruits and vegetables seem growing without any plants of seeds in the field. As in E.E.C. Bonn, City, Germany. Forest, the Islamic Declaration of Faith, the Virture, Kalima. Was discovered written in the Jungle.


Mean “There is no God, but Allah, and Mohammad,--(Saw), is a messenger of Almighty Lord”

The Queen Bil-Kis-Rani- was so surprised and told the Prophet Solomon what happening in the Domiciles dry land of soil? That she never seen before such miracles of natural plants. Fruits and vegetables growing in her land? Today none-Muslims European Country face symptoms of ‘E.Coli’ which the States Ministers claim never seen in their life thousands of peoples was victims of E. Coli symptoms and died and Millions of Euro-Dollar was wasted in the drain by closing the farmers.

The Prophet Solomon given instruction this is your foods for the peoples, you going to feeds them, saves them and sell them from almighty Lord as a gifts. You will have no worry for the foods from next seasons that your peoples will never dies of foods. And you don’t needs to beg no Foreign [British] Government to help.

The None-Muslim, Bil-Kis-Rani was so proud of glorifying the almighty Lord in Bow, “Sub-Han-Na-Rabbi-Al-A-La” –Instead of distributing N.H.S. free packet of condoms.

“But fall ye down in prostration to Allah and adore (Him)!”— (53:62).

in tears in praying may, Jay Na Maj. Within few years her Kingdom was totally changed there was no short of any foods or fruits and vegetables it was more than her peoples can eat in a year what ever left over was sold in the London stock Exchange age of Ignorance.

The country of Africa, has bless of the wealth in different ways, before I ever can glorify ‘Africa’ soil in word my computer memory will lose indefinitely, blinks of eyes, lack of talents and knowledge in Africa the administration lost the opportunities and fail to show to the own peoples of Africa. The miracles of Allah the almighty Lord.

Therefore struggle and suffer in many ways that Government and administrations lost trust in the name of own Lord. But faith in foreign aid that government thinks only solution or the answer to the recent problems Africa ever faces in realities.

Myself feel guilty of seeing the peoples of Africa dying without foods or waters and administration fighting for the power, name and frame under the ‘Human Rights’ United Nation Secretary of States secret policy. From far away east and or west when most university Graduates Diplomatic fail to count how many green grasses or how many sand under their own feet to be honest my Lord? Am I not an Idiot to fall in his or her administration Love other than my Lord?

Africa country should be not allowed given any foreign investment that has secret strings attached beyond scales. But to benefit to the peoples of Africa, And Foreign Investment institution never should interfere within political life of peoples of Africa, under any circumstances. But soil of Africa in hand in the name of ‘Bis-Mil-la-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him’ dig own soil and plants tree, fruits, vegetables etc.

They are the one who suck human blood worse than ‘Mosquitoes’ and make money out of poor country like Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh they ever claim poor peoples. Where foreign country fail to show us all any natural fruits and vegetables grown in the land of soil for example United Kingdom, other than fake coconut tree, the British national news paper, sun page 3. And Pornographic Internet sites. That our beauty States the Former British Home Secretary, Rt Hon. Jacqui Smith M.P. was prosecuted for misguiding the members of public fund.

the British Diplomatic always in favour of supporting the ‘LGBT’ to ruin other country moral dignity, identities, Culture, heritage, and Institution in Religious Education. The sign Apes and Monkey never going to change as colour of ‘Indian Gourmet’ charcoal seen never does in realities?

May almighty Lord bless peoples of Africa, in memory of none-Muslims-‘Bil-Kis-Rani’ Kingdom age of ignorance in Islam? Make dry land of Africa, the fruitful fruits and vegetables land of poor to be proud of none but almighty Lord your another name known as ‘Ra-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him’ million’s of peoples of Africa wash their feet under the soil without any sign of natural fruits and vegetables and plants walking in the Land owner is none but Allah who they going to turn their face If they failure in the name of ‘Ra-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him?’ my Lord?

Our ‘Salam’ Love and regards from the soil of Africa to Appointed Lord of all remain to share their love with us as a part of human being life on earth grant us your priceless love and kindness to us all before our life go into ashtrays for having life on earth for no meaning of salvation from almighty Lord. Today our only blind hope remain with European country, Bonn, City, Germany, Forest, Ministers ‘Allah’ Where natural Quranic verses was discovered written by it self to help peoples of Africa, Africa as a nation in the world never was born to be regarded poor my Lord? And Africa soil is member of Allah Parliament in the day of Judgement or not?

Your miracles sign where shown almost every part of the world except I believe in Africa. Most peoples may not be ‘Muslims’ to punished in the dry land without foods, but if as Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Sister, and British Judge who converted religion Islam ever in Africa country convert Religious Islam will you ever not regrets your life for making peoples of Africa suffer in the day of Judgement your name ‘Ga-Fu-Rur-Ra-Him?’ Not ‘Nistur Bandhu?’

Dry land in Australia became the States Swimming Pool, within days; the Economic Finance Ministers was over the moon proud of with N.H.S. free packet of condoms that nation never seen and heard news more than seventy five thousand peoples from Sydney nowhere to go but to swim in the dry land in Australia?

How long will it take my Lord Africa to become financially sound to dig under their own feet pond, tree, fruits and plants? The Prime Minister of Australia may have a clue how dry land Sydney ever made the States swimming pool? There was no dry place anyone ever to say in Bow, “Sub-Han-Na-Rabbi-Al-A-La” in Australia.

Under the Instruction of Holy Saint, Hozrot Boro Peer, Abdul Kadir Zillani, (R.A), Baghdad, Iraq, twelve years old lost boat in the oceans was discovered with human being a live dancing in the name of Lord Allah. Whose mother never believed in Holy Saints word age of ignorance after twelve years her son ever going to be found a live?

Do I need a history lesson to save peoples of Africa country those who victim of your love? Medically called ‘Auditory Hallucination’ –‘Seeing. Hearing, sensing thing which is not there?’ million of pound wastes by western country to void symptoms of ‘Auditory Hallucination’ in community regarded second to none mad and or crazy those who ever suffered.

as in history, Hozrot Boro Peer, Abdul kadir Zillani, (R.A), was in the eyes of the States government, Bagdad, Iraq, known as ‘Mad and Crazy’ finally was arrested and taken into ‘Mental Health Hospital’ age of Ignorance in Islam for treatment before they ever can test the colour of symptoms more than four hundred Medical doctors became ‘Muslim’ immediately. The Medical News was faster than E. coli symptom was spread through out Hospital unfortunately, they have forgotten what medicine they are going to give or to prescribe?

What will I ever return in gifts peoples of Africa those who read my articles in search of true guidance in life to wastes their times or to gain my name and fame in this world those who never heard of Churches in their life? If I ever not seen peoples of Africa happy face as Sun and Moon always appears in their own home and in life bright as morning star? Am I worth living in this cruel world of dust? Blinks of eyes who can make country rich or poor under what name today Am I going to call my Lord?

My Lord the Uganda Prime Minister and many part of country as Malawi, Nigeria and Ghana to be the first victims of the British Government 10 point plan policy. Was threatening by British Diplomatic,

Fail to support ‘LGBT’ in Africa country will never get any financial support from British Government, should they ever banned ‘LGBT. In Africa. I wonder where was British Prime Minister at the time of ‘Tsunami “2004’ disaster my Lord under Her Britannic Majesty’s Mini-Skirt?

Worthless Five years M.O.T. holder, the British Prime Minister claim original ‘Apes and Monkey’ never like ‘Fresh Green Salad’ threatening our Poor country Prime Ministers as Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria and Ghana. My Lord wake up save the poor Ministers and the country from British ‘Apes and Monkey’ Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1954. & Holy Bible Quran Sura: fil Act.

As in history Prophet Ibrahim was rescued by your military Army. As you made ‘Tsunami 2004’ disaster reports says never seen such Miracle of Allah nothing was remain to treasure in his or her love but only Mosque in the Land of none but Allah.

After 163 years stolen Bay of Bengal, today British Government claim civilized and trustworthy nation in the world. No one ever prosecuted ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s’ Government yet for the damage it has caused 163 years to Bay of Bengal. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Nor any one raised subject of Justice for 163 years in the Common Wealth Office Summit?—Holy Bible: Acts: 7; 6—8).

My dear Lord, country like United Kingdom is powerless country, worse than Africa in the nation if Africa and the nation ‘Ban United Kingdom’ from import and Export around the world, there will be nothing inside the Freezer to keep foods to eat. Nor their is any pond to keep life fishes as most seen in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. All the super Market will be closed fail to Import fresh fruits and Vegetables from out side the E.E.C.

May God bless the Africa those who fighting against the ‘LGBT’ in their own country. To protect country from British illegitimate Ministers and Culture. Seal the British ministers with packets of condoms as Tsunami 2004 disaster before Sun raised in the morning Her Britannic Majesty’s’ will fall under the feet of Uganda and Africa Prime Minister.

...“The Peoples of Africa are to face neither East nor West in aid in help, but to surrender in the name of Lord ‘Allah’ forward, the country Africa soil and boundaries belong to no one, nor any one can take name of territory away, but my own country called ‘Africa’, in the name of Lord, we face daily in our life struggle, raining or shining is our Lord glory, begging no one, far as out of reach natural tallest coconut tree, we pay free to wastes our thirst in drinks and in love, Africa as a nation proud of, not to let suck our own blood by foreigners as Mosquitoes, who says poor country Africa my Lord? In your name ’Ga-Fu-Rur-Ra-Him’ face forward to build Africa after all”.

By Foreign Bilingual’s Author Abdul Haye Amin.

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