If you are transiting through Addis Ababa, and if you are traveling on an African passport, and if you have more than a few hours to wait for your connecting flight, why not consider visiting the city? You can enjoy authentic Ethiopian food, shop, or simply enjoy a delicious cup of Ethiopian coffee in the sunshine.

A whistle-stop visit has been made possible now that visas can be purchased on arrival at Bole International. In November 2018, the Ethiopian government officially announced that all African Union countries can purchase a visa on arrival. Avoiding the inevitable hassles processing visas before departure, makes Africa travel planning much simpler!
Whether you are a business or a leisure traveler, Addis has something for you. On other pages in this issue, you can read of good eateries in the city.
Registered and metered yellow and green taxis are ready to take you from and return you to the airport. We in Addis Ababa are happy and ready to host you. Come and experience Ethiopian hospitality!
Welcome to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!
1. You could have the opportunity to experience the largest open-air market in Africa, Mercato.
2. Our ancient ancestor, the fossil, Lucy, is exhibited in the National Museum.
3. Emperor Haile Selassie’s palace is a historical site of much interest, portraying the life of the founding father of the Organization of Africa Union.
4. Historical monuments such as the Holy Trinity Church with its tombs of the royal family are within easy reach of the airport.
5. With time in hand, modern Ethiopia’s founder, Emperor Menelik II’s palace can be reached by climbing the Entoto hills.
6. Nearby, the ancient church of St. Mary and its museum are additional places to visit.

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If you are traveling to Africa, don’t forget to visit Addis Ababa. There are lot more things to do with Ethiopia, here we give you few details.