The African mango, which has gained a great deal of publicity as a natural weight loss supplement, has also proven to be a beneficial agent when it comes to controlling diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disorder that affects over 9 million Canadians. It is diagnosed as a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin. Insulin is a key protein which breaks down the sugar in the blood and converts it into energy.

Type I diabetes is often diagnosed in early childhood and stems from a pancreas that does not create insulin properly. Type II diabetes is frequently a result of dietary improprieties such as obesity, which results in the body being unable to produce enough insulin to meet the demand. Gestational diabetes is a result of pregnancy, and during gestation, the insulin production is insufficient.

Controlling insulin production through diet alone can be quite difficult, however, the African mango is proving to be a valuable ally when it comes to keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Originally marketed in North America primarily as a weight loss supplement, the African mango weight loss program also controls blood sugar levels, reduces bad cholesterol and provides a host of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre to the diet.

The benefits of the fruit, known in scientific circles as Irvingia Gabonensis, to diabetic patients, is three fold. The fibre found in the African mango assists in the absorption of blood glucose, helps increase the body's natural production of insulin and also promotes fat break down and weight loss.

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, approximately 90 percent of diabetics are Type II. Balancing diet, weight and insulin production is critical to prevent acceleration of the disease. Overall weight and body fat is of particular importance, since the body can store sugar in the fat cells.

When a person is fasting or between meals, the body uses up fat reserves to produce energy. This means a person's blood sugar levels can still test quite high, even during fasting. The natural benefits of the African mango will not only increase weight loss more rapidly than with traditional diet methods, but also provides nutrients which improve both cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

For those suffering from Type II diabetes due to excessive weight, the steps to healthy living can be painfully slow and frustrating. However, combined with proper exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet, the African Mango weight loss program can accelerate weight loss and greatly reduce the risk of the disease leading to other serious health problems.

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