Maud gently replaced the receiver, no sooner than it was in its cradle than she felt her dress being pulled up, just as in lesbian stories online.

“Down with your knickers I specially selected for you. You take them off yourself and bend over the sofa, Maud obeyed knowing any hesitation would be welcomed, for it then moved to stage two of the lesbian fantasy. Although she got a cataclysmic orgasm at the end of stage two, it was always the plunge into the opening part that had her hesitating, like diving into icy water on a hot day just like lesbian stories online.

Marie kept her shaved, as is often the case in lesbian books.
Every morning Maud had to stand feet apart while Marie busied herself with a shaving brush and a round tub of shaving soap, very expertly manipulating the Gillette safety razor into every crevice. Maud was convinced that after all these times of daily treatment no self-respecting hair would ever dare to emerge again. But for Marie this was a ritual preparing her own private pussy, as she referred to Maud’s mons pubis.
Then Marie would rub expensive virgin olive oil all over the outside, finally polishing Maud’s bulge until it literally shone.

“That’s how we polish our virgin brides for their wedding night, they has to be like they was just out from their mummy’s tummy.” She admired her handy work.
“The man has to see where he is going, and I ain’t any different.” Maud knew what was coming next, but also had learnt to wait to be told, initiative was not something Marie tolerated, that was definitely a stage two if ignored.
“Turn round and touch your toes, feet well apart. Let’s get into your bottom crack and that little anus of yours, pull and hold your cheeks wide apart, push your bottom higher, Marie does not want to repeat herself, now does she?”

Marie gazed at the splendid large but tight muscled arse, yes arse was a better word than bottom, these white people were too prudish at times. She slid her fingers over the now well healed and equally well polished burn marks. Mine on the left cheek and Marie on the right. Small, each one less than two inches long and half the height, both close to each side of the puckered anal ring, so only seen if Maud allowed intimacy with someone.
She remembered only too well the night she had tricked Maud into her room; and the nearby squeaking windmill that had helped drown out the anguished cries from her victim.
Did these white folk not understand anything about belonging?

Menfolk were cut on the face and head to show that they were mature and fully integrated into the tribe, that they belonged and were beholden. Some even branded their women on their big buttocks with a hotwire showing a symbol like the one they put on their cattle.
Maud had shouted that she would press charges, but then Marie reminded her that everyone including the national newspapers would love to hear the story. She remembered her next words well.
“Your body belongs to me now, it is my possession. You will find the scars are always very sensitive there so you will get extra pleasure every time I bugger your arse, which will be very often.”

Marie carefully shaved all of the big arse and down into her crack, then up into Maud’s groin to meet the shaved front. Then like at the front she rubbed in the virgin olive oil, when she was satisfied she took her buffing cloth and like polishing a large shoe she polished and polished until Maud’s cheeks shone like a black girls.
Last of all was the part she knew Maud now craved for.
Filling the rubber bulb half way with oil, she screwed on the six inch stiff tube. Maud moaned as Marie teased the hard Bakelite end over and around her anus, slowly the anus relaxed; but directly it was not even open Marie jammed the nozzle into the centre of the ring forcing it open, and in the same movement plunged the tube in up to the hilt squeezing the bulb and emptying the oil inside in one hard gush.
“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Maud involuntarily.
“That comes later, as you well know.” Retorted Marie.

Marie now withdrew the tube and replaced it with her finger, working one in after another till she had stretched Maud’s anus to accept all five. Plunging in and out Marie took care to rub hard against the scars; these were more sensitive than even the surrounding soft skin, small nerve ends had been exposed by the cut making the scar very sensitive indeed.
This combined with her long agile fingers reaching deep inside Maud’s rectal walls quickly drove her to the very edge of a shattering climax. Marie sensed this and stopped immediately leaving Maud literally hanging on the edge, her body quivering with the anticipation of release that was not forthcoming. The knowledge of this denial drove her desire for it even higher, as in lesbian stories online.

“Now you know not to touch or play with yourself, that will be my pleasure this evening, I love it when you are so hot that you even start to shake when I talk dirty to you. Penalty is stage three, and believe Marie when she says you definitely do not want to go there.”
Maud could not begin to imagine stage three, that really was a lesbian fantasy, even thinking what it might demand of or from her body was enough to settle herself back into near control of her rampant surges of wanting sexual relief, as in lesbian books.
Maud busied herself in the garden, keeping her hip movements to a minimum.
Marie had made her step into what she called her little girl panties, she had pulled them up and inserted the plug.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

Author's Bio: 

I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.