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“Yes, one thing is very clear from for example my reading of the time of the English Raj in India. British historians mainly reported on the Raj and its questionable ethics from the point of view of the consequences observed by and on the English minority, ignoring the far bigger impact on the Indians living in that sub-continent. To get any view that begins to approach the reality of that turbulent period of history, one must find and read scripts from both side.” Didier nodded his head vigorously, once his mouth was clear of quail, he added.
“I can see we will have some interesting exchanges; you are right historians, I suppose understandably, always want to make their own country look good to the detriment of the facts.” They continued their animated discussion through the cheeses and then on into the dessert, which was as Charlotte knew well was the French order of eating.
“Papa!” Antoinette piped up.
“Oui. Ma Belle.”
“I think you should continue this interesting discussion tomorrow; Charlotte must be tired after all her travelling today.” Charlotte recognised that Antoinette was thinking of her unfinished business with her body, once she started to dwell on that she became acutely aware of her tender bottom on the seat, and shifted uneasily; this only in turn caused the plug to remind her of her expanded anal ring. She shifted again. Her unease was noted by the two girls who smiled conspiratorially at each other.
“You are right ma Petite Poule. Charlotte I will see you here for breakfast at eight, it is only twenty minutes to the University. We can go together.” His wife who had said little during the meal content that her husband had found someone who shared his obsession, asked Charlotte.
“You are welcome to stay with us, but I suppose you will want to find your own place.” Before Charlotte could answer Simone interjected.
“Sorry Charlotte, I almost forgot to tell you.
“I telephoned Madame Tuile, and she would like to offer you dinner tomorrow night to see if the arrangements she can offer would suit you both. She lives opposite the Café Les Deux Magots, in Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which is only ten minutes or so walking from the Sorbonne. Every Parisian can direct you, it is very famous.”  There was a pause, her next words made Charlotte move her bottom again.
“I advised her to expect a sensitive young lady, I know she has a preference for ladies of a sensitive disposition.”
“Thank you Simone.” Replied Charlotte blushing deeply at the thinly disguised observation.
“Come on everyone!” cajoled Antoinette getting up and rushing to give a goodnight kiss to her parents and Simone; Charlotte followed the girls up to the bedroom.

“Off with your clothes, shower, then straight back in here to be dried by Claudette.
When she came back Claudette was sitting on the edge of the bed holding a large bath towel out she wrapped Charlotte in it using her hands to rub all over Charlotte’s wet body. They lingered in all the sensitive areas, especially her breasts and naked mons, rubbing on her hood to start the arousal all over again. Sitting on the floor in front of Charlotte, Claudette ordered her to lean forward and place her hands on the bedspread. This had the double effect of placing Charlotte’s mons in front of Claudette’s mouth and raising her bottom up and out.
“Pass me the key please Antoinette.” Once in her hand, she unlocked the front of the thin G string. Once free her mouth covered Charlotte’s mons and her two hands reached behind to grip a buttock in each, pulling them wide apart at the same time ensuring Charlotte’s labia were herd against the invading lips and tongue. Charlotte felt Antoinette behind her then shuddered as the plug was quickly withdrawn, leaving her anus gaping wide open unable to shut for the moment, Antoinette’s tongue rimmed her then plunged deep into her rectum, Charlotte jolted against the waiting mouth of Claudette. As her orgasm mounted fast with tongues attacking her front and back. Antoinette cried, as she withdrew her tongue from Charlotte’s anus.
« Maintenant tu sera bel et bien enculé dans ton cul. » As fast as Charlotte translated in her head. Now you will be well and truly buggered in your arse, she felt the tip of the dildo on her anus, then with little hesitation it plunged deep into her rectum, Antoinette gripping her hips and jerking her back into her own crotch.
“Mon Dieu, what a great arse to bugger” Charlotte came immediately, her knees sagging, but held up by Antoinette’s hold on her hips as she remorselessly pumped in and out of Charlotte’s gaping arse hole. Now her erect clitoris was between Claudette’s lips as she sucked and pulled it as far out as it could go, the lips encircling the sensitive organ, then her tongue began to flick the tip making Charlotte come again her hips pushing back to twist the dildo against the walls of her rectum.
Straight from the best lesbian stories and the top lesbian books, there was no escape, and the two girls knew it, whatever Charlotte did the result was only to heighten the sensuous input into her hyper activated nerves in her rectum and mons. For over ten minutes the relentless domination continued, wave after wave after wave of climaxes poured out from her body, exactly as in the lesbian story books.
“Pleeeese stop!” Charlotte begged.
“No way we will suck and bugger you till you swoon from excitement, you are in France now and we take sex very seriously.”

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.