Age gap relationship. Age gap relationships are popular for all different reasons and fall into different categories. The first division you have is that some are for love and others are for sexual or practical reasons. Whether you prefer someone the same age, younger or older than you there are pros and cons, it is a matter of working out whether the list of good things is longer than the list of bad things and how well those things suit you.

Generally speaking when a female actively prefers a guy who is not as young as her it is either because he is supposedly more reliable and she has a fear that a younger man would run off with someone else or cheat on her, or because she believes this more mature person is wiser and more knowledgeable about life and experienced with things or
because she likes the air of power that can come with it.
To know that she is more desirable physically than him can be a big turn on for her because it gives her control.
She knows that he will be grateful when she cuddles him, kisses him or invites him into her bed and he is probably going to be more patient about waiting and put up with more along the way either because he really likes her a lot or because he is limited in other options. But the fact this guy is grateful and captive can also make him become samey and she may well want to conquer another guy or guys and have more of a challenge. Women who are worried about their future, money etc tend to shy away from any man who is a challenge just as ladies who are lacking in self esteem assume they will not be of interest to them or cannot keep them. Yet some very young and good looking men are very drawn to older women even if they are plain and overweight.

A woman with more self esteem and confidence or who likes to take risks and live one day at a time would have preferred a man who was far more exciting and sexy but never knowing what was around the corner. Sometimes it is as simple as choosing happiness now with perhaps a nasty surprise later or boredom or contentment now with a
more chance it will not end. Whether this is good or bad can only be decided by each individual. Come to our site at for more about relationships and love by experts and those who care.

Age gap relationship.

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