Although someone has a head, heart and a body, it doesn’t mean that all each of these parts of their being will be embraced. As a result of this, they can look like a whole human being from the outside but it doesn’t mean that they are whole on the inside.

One can then be aware of what is taking place in their head, yet they might not be aware of what is taking place in their heart or body. Their attention is typically going to be in their head.


Through being this way, they can be primarily concerned with ideas and information; having no time for feelings. If they see someone act emotional, they could see this person as being weak or lacking self-control.

One can have more in common with Spock than they do with most of their fellow human beings. Being this way will probably make it hard for them to form deep connections with others, due to the fact that the emotional part of their being is not online.

The Opposite

If one is not operating in this way, they could have a good connection with their emotions but that could be as far as it will go. Thus, they could have the tendency to be controlled by their emotions.

Thinking rationally is not going to be their strong point, which could cause them to make a lot of poor decisions. And while they may not have trouble forming deeper connections with others, they may find that they form attachments with the wrong people.


If the person who was dead from the neck down merged with the person who didn’t use their head much, they would have the best of both worlds. Not only would they able to think deeply, they would also be able to connect deeply with others.

They would also be able to embrace their emotions and to utilise the guidance that they provide. One wouldn’t need to be overwhelmed by them and neither would they need to push them completely out of their awareness.

The Missing Piece

It could then seem as though this person is an integrated human being, with them having nothing else to embrace. Nonetheless, even if someone’s head and heart are working together in most cases, it still doesn’t mean that they will be a whole human being.

The reason for this is that their body is not going to be involved; this will be the part of them that provides them with the energy that they need to express and to protect themselves. When this part of them is not online, then, one can come across as submissive and/or passive, lacking the ability to assert themselves.

On Board

Their lower body is where their aggression or ‘fight instinct’ will be found, with this part of them being the engine of their life. When this part of them is online and integrated with the rest of them, they will be able to get things done and they won’t put up with any bad behaviour.

This doesn’t mean that they will be interested in controlling or dominating others, though, as they will act in an assertive manner. One will then be in a position where their being is aligned and they are an empowered human being.

Another Scenario

Now, if one’s thinking brain is rarely online, their heart is closed but their body is online, they could do a lot of damage. In general, the energy that is within them won’t be tempered by their heart or their thinking brain.

It wouldn’t be a surprise for someone like this to end up behind bars or at least somewhere where they had very little freedom. But if it doesn’t go this far, they could be seen as a threat by the average person.

Two Extremes

Undoubtedly, walking over others is not the answer and neither is being walked over by others. If one is controlled by their aggression, they will have the inclination to walk over others, and, if they are out of touch with their aggression, they can be used to be taken advantage of by others.

If one is used to being walked over by others and finds it hard to assert themselves, what they may find is that a big part of them feels comfortable with what is taking place. Ergo, even though this will cause them to suffer, part of them can be happy to go along with it.

A Closer Look

During their early years, it might not have been safe for them to express their true-self. If they got angry or expressed what was going on within them, they may have been harmed and/or abandoned.

This is not to say that losing touch with this part of their being stopped this from taking place as there is a strong chance that they were still harmed and/or abandoned. Losing touch with this part of their being would have been a way for them to try to prevent the unpreventable.

Hell on Earth

Perhaps they had two caregivers who were physically abusive or maybe one of them just watched the other do the damage. Regardless of what happened, both of them would have been involved.

To be treated in this way at such a young age and for it to be done by the very people who were supposed to love and protect them would have been horrific. To deny this part of their being would have most likely been painful in the beginning, but as time passed, it would have been something that they simply came to accept.


In order for them to reintegrate this part of their being, they will most likely need to resolve the trauma that is within them. As this takes place and they begin to feel safe in their own body, the rest can take care of itself.

This is a process that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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