In today's world, women are creating a movement to inspire each other and lift women leaders in the workplace. Also, more women are turning away from traditional jobs and instead pursuing entrepreneurship. The reactions to women career empowerment on Twitter and Instagram have titled the movement #bossbabe.

As an active admirer of the #bossbabe revolution, business leader, tech aficionado and an emerging entrepreneur in the technologic world, Ahavel Aborishade shares seven powerful tips to help other women take their start-ups to the next level.

Tip 1: Create a realistic, consistent, and proactive morning routine

Many prosperous female entrepreneurs are faithful to a strict morning routine. Some proactive steps to consider when finding the best morning routine include fifteen-minuets of meditation, cardio, exercise or yoga and complete three priority tasks before 10 AM.

Tip 2: Do not count on traditional work hours

When in the growth stages of a company, income is all up to an entrepreneur. Building flexible customer service during this time can be beneficial for the reputation of your business in the future.

Tip 3: Do not look for or expect constructive acknowledgment

Instead, create it. In the first stages of building a business, people will likely be confused by your interpretations of what you are doing. Allow your actions to speak louder than your words and strive to create a strong work ethic that will naturally give the acknowledgment your business deserves.

Tip 4: Take action with imperfect creative ideas

After a brainstorm session filled with innovative ideas, do not take weeks to devise a plan. Striving for perfection in every move sometimes leads to a lack of execution. Successful female entrepreneurs know that taking a first imperfect step might lead to failure, but also recognize every step is a growth opportunity in the right direction.

Tip 5: Balance is key

Bendet admits that in college, she was never the student to procrastinate. Instead, she would complete her work by 6 PM the night before and rest. The CEO of Alice and Olivia believes you can be a mother, lead a successful company, and be home for dinner. This mindset and forming her business around people is what Bendet accredits to her company's success.

Tip 6: Be a "duck."

As a women entrepreneur, thick skin is vital. The public is quick to share their opinions about the actions women entrepreneur's take in their business as well as at home. Alice and Olivia's CEO Stacey Bendet returned to work too soon after her pregnancy, according to accusers. The mother of three disagreed and had valuable feedback behind her actions. It's crucial for the sake of your business goals to not take negative opinions personally. Let the negativity around your well-thought, and necessary decisions roll right of your back like water, like a duck.

Tip 7: Continue to empower others and their businesses

The #bossbabe movement's creation began on a platform of support and empowerment. Women entrepreneurs who continuously strengthen and embrace other women's companies and leadership roles are essentially empowering and prolonging the movement as a whole. "It is crucial that women choose support over judgment towards female entrepreneur roles. Support creates value, and we as women deserve a community that values the empires women build," said Ahavel Aborishade.

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