On a trip to the UAE this month, VMware’s Jean-Pierre Brulard, senior vice president and general manager EMEA, talked about how 2019 will be the year for the UAE to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation in order to fuel nationwide digital transformation.

“Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will see major breakthroughs in 2019, and the UAE’s government and industry verticals are ideally-positioned to encourage and adopt these to drive digital transformation,” said Brulard.

Brulard predicts that, in 2019, businesses in the region – especially across education, energy, financial services, and governmental – will leverage the power of AI to confront security challenges.

“From Expo 2020 Dubai to Dubai’s Smart City initiatives, AI is becoming the foundation for organizations to react to peoples’ needs in real-time, predict how government services will transform citizen experiences, and ensure that costs, security and innovation are optimized,” said Brulard. “The UAE’s leadership is one of the most visionary in the world, encouraging connectivity and recognizing the potential for technology to serve as a force for economic growth and societal good.”

Brulard believes the UAE has a tradition of leading digital innovation for the region – especially the UAE’s Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, and the potential of this to drive digital transformation and drive the future economy.

Regarding technology infrastructure, he predicts that 2019 will be the era of the ‘self-driving data center’ – in which AI and machine learning will be deeply infused into private and public clouds, reducing complexity and driving the next generation of digital infrastructure. All achievable by laying a strong digital foundation.

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