Social distancing means physical distancing between each person. The rate of the distance is at least 6 feet from each other. Aidbell, social distance pager system, is to be concerned about health more efficiently. This social distance pager system also allows the wireless calling system for a nurse for medication.
Here we are going to discuss aidbell social distance pager system against COVID-19. So, let's get started.

Social distancing:

COVID-19 is mainly spread over a long period through direct interaction (around 6 feet). Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated when airborne droplets from the mouth or nose are coughed, sneezed and dropped into the neighbors' mouth or nose. Drops in the bloodstream may also be breathed. Recent studies show that the spread of COVID-19 can play a part in infected but asymptomatic people. Since people will transmit the infection well when they realize they are ill, it is necessary to avoid so even though they have no symptoms. For people at high risk of COVID-19 serious diseases, social isolation is critical.

If you already have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in near touch with someone who has COVID-19, then keeping away from others, until you become healthy next to them, is vital. You are in contact with others. COVID-19 may stay on the soil, depending on sunlight, moisture and surface texture, for hours or days. After contacting a virus-infected surface or substance and then rubbing the lips, nose or eyes, a person is most likely to get COVID-19. However, the primary means of transmitting the virus is not known. Social isolation leads to minimizing polluted surface interaction and outside-home visitors.

Although the risk of serious illness is different for everyone, anyone can get and distribute COVID-19. Everyone has a role to play in slowing down the spread and protecting themselves, their families, and society. Along with the practice of daily COVID-19 prevention measures, preserving the space between you and other people is one of the best tools we can use to prevent this virus and slow its spread in communities.

Aidbell Social Distance Pager System:

Aidbell Social Distance Pager System combines staff wireless keypad, guest pager and the pager charger. The basic benefit is that staff can instantly notify guests with the flash, beep or vibration alert when guests’ order is ready. Therefore, staff and guests can easily stay in contact, at the same time guests can also enjoy the freedom to walk around or get seated somewhere while they are waiting.

How restaurant uses Aidbell Social Distance Pager System to keep safe?

Restaurant owners from some countries have recently had an update from the government telling them to have some changes in readiness to open under the COVID-19.

Therefore, restaurants need to make preparations to allow customers to keep safe with the help of one-way system.

After entering the restaurant to order, waiters give customers Guest Pager ( Item No.:CT-P531), and allow them to wait outside in their vehicles or wait at a table (must keep a safe social distance with others ), so that it can ensure the customers will be no gathering in the restaurant.

When the order is ready, waiters use Wireless Keypad ( Item No.: CT-K501) to call Guest Pager ( Item No.:CT-P531) to alert customers to pick up the food.

In short, Aidbell Social Distance Pager System provides waiting guest with a pager and allow them to wait nearby stress free.

Moreover, Aidbell Social Distance Pager System can also be applied in clinics for healthy social events. Nurses can call patients via Wireless Keypad to alert it is their turn to see the doctors. Aidbell helps people to keep social distance to stay safe.


The virus is spreading globally, keep yourself at a safe social distancing is vital during the COVID-19. To ensure your business could survive, taking steps to protect your staff and guests in times has never been more important!

Keep your staff and guests as separate as possible with new social distancing requirements and ordinance put in place, Aidbell Social Distance Pager System is here to help.

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