Aries: What others think of you matters not today - you feel both excited & content with your own talents, attributes, ideas.

Taurus: Let your one singular, unique quality or interest show you the way to personal satisfaction in work. Safe to stand out.

Gemini: Your social charm & quick intelligence make you popular or liked, even in uncomfortable or stressful situations.

Cancer: "Who is the fairest of them all?" - You are. Both physical beauty & beauty of spirit are keys to success now - primp them.

Leo: A mate or partner supports you in new work endeavors, or personal confidence in future success stimulates excitement.

Virgo: Deliver your genius or ideas for change gently, wrapped in the pretty package of future benefits to be expected.

Libra: Working on love, be it romantic, friends, or family, is the focus of your day. "All the world loves a lover" is true now.

Scorpio: You gain pleasure & a feeling of control when you focus on physical or emotional self improvement. New good habits.

Sagittarius: A shopping excursion or mini-vacation of entertainment or adventure with family or a friend is good medicine.

Capricorn: Putting yourself first today is not selfish - it enables you to be your personal best, which is what the Universe expects.

Aquarius: A wish for money or wondering how or when more cash will flow could bring a surprise. Anticipate inspirations.

Pisces: Instant karma or immediate gratification comes from good deeds or thoughts. You feel a deep soul bond with someone.

The challenging T-square of yesterday continues today, but the Aries moon is no longer being fanned into flames by the planet Uranus, so things will feel less extreme. Today, the moon forms a supportive sextile to the sun in Aquarius, which gives you the emotional confidence and excitement to follow through on new things. If you are off from work, you may be headed out the door to go somewhere or do something outside of your normal routine, or to connect with friends. The moon/sun sextile acts like a healthy energy drink and my only caution to you is to slow down, while the T-square which involves the planet Mercury, increases the risk of an accident or speeding ticket while driving. A minor, but pleasant, semi-sextile aspect between the Aries moon and Venus in Pisces, tonight increases the desire to give and receive love or engage in your favorite hobby or escape - a wonderful way to end a busy, but predominantly enjoyable, day.

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