In the busy life, people love to have quick food. Among them fried food one of them. Food frying with dripping in grease is not always healthy. It causes many health issues. Our best-selling Air Fryers are present to resolve all these health issues. Through Air fryers, food can be fried without drenching in oil. Considering your need, the 10co has provided some attractive Air Fryers features for your kitchen.

Phillips XL Air Fryer:
Air Fryer is one of the most lucrative techniques. You can cook your food without losing any taste and texture. You may need only a tiny bit of cooking oil for healthy meals and finger foods. Click here to get a great discount on Philips Air fryers in Sri Lanka.

Main features of Phillips XL Air Fryer:
Rapid air circulation makes food well cooked.
• A preset timer so does not bother you what’s going on.
• Due to its larger size, you can cook up to four meals.
• Its digital touch-screen helps to adjust the setting for your perfect cook.

Black plus Decker Purify – 2 Liter Air fryer:
If you are a crispy food lover our 2 Liter Air Fryer is the perfect solution for you. Our Black+Decker Purify is the radical approaches to the delicious crispy fried food. The main features of the Black + Decker purify are as follows:

• The conventional heating system helps to transfer heating adequately and enhance cooking.

• Its large capacity can prepare the meal for 2-4 servings.

• Due to its nonstick surface easy to clean and wash without any cleaning items.
• Temperature is adjustable with a range of 175-400°F.

• Hot air circulation makes food crispy.

T- falActifry:

Air technology has brought revolutionary change in our cooking field. It can save your valuable time and energy. Our T-falActifry is one of the most effective cooking equipment for your kitchen. It can cook a range of items including meats, seafood, desserts and many more. It fries up to two pounds of deliciously soft and fluffy French fries at a time.

Main features of T- falActifry:
Capacity up to 2.2 pounds
• One teaspoon or even less oil is needed.
• Digital countdown timer with a simple on-off switch
• Easy to clean nonstick pan
• Its protected lid provides a splatter, free cooks.

Kalorik Convection Air Fryer:

If you would like hands-on attitude to cooking your meal, our Kalorik Convection Air Fryer is the perfect solution for you. You can prepare easily and quickly your food with our best appliances. The main features of our Kalorik convection Air Fryer are as follows:

As it is an electric Air Fryer it does not need much oil hence it’s added fewer calories to your body.
• You can adjust temperature manually through the touch-screen.
• You can cook the variety of meal such as shrimp and fish, meat, chips, and chicken
• Its adjustable temperature provides different variety of food from juicy to crispy.

Kalorik FT 42139 BK Dual Layer Air Fryer
Air technology gives us a lot of advantages. Among them, Air Fryer appliances bring feasibilities that make our food delicious and quicker. Our Kalorik FT 42139 Dual Layer Air Fryer is an innovative feature that makes your life easier. It can be used to fry anything like cakes, steaks as well as vegetable. The main features are as follows:

Its powerful technology has rapid air circulation capabilities.

• It has versatile and multi-functional capabilities that smoother frying, grilling and baking with a tiny bit of oil.
• All parts can be easily separated and hence can wash easily.
• Up to 400, °F temperature can be controlled.

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