If there is anyone who does not like a water bed, then it means that said person has never spent a night on one. There is no one who does not like the comfort that the water bed brings and if Floating Mats there is any personal preference, it would be in the kind of water bed that they like. There will usually be no debate on whether they like it or not.

Water beds however do have their own disadvantages which is why we are doing this comparison. Let us take them one by one.

Water mattresses

They are one of the most comfortable to lie on, and since they are filled with water which can be heated to any desired temperature you make sure that you get a bed at the right temperature for you. The better quality ones also have separate compartments with connectors where the water is stored so that you do not get the wave action when you sit down on one side. It is even better than a memory foam mattress when it comes to contouring itself to your body and is actually recommended as the mattress to be used by those who suffer from chronic body pain. You will also never have any trouble with bed bugs, because there is no way that dust or dead skin particles will work their way into the mattress. All it needs is a periodic wiping down with a damp cloth and you are done.

The biggest disadvantage though is the price. Water beds cost quite a bit more than even the most expensive foam or spring beds and is probably the single biggest reason why more people do not own one. Following a close second is their weight. The weight of the water inside the bed is so great that many lease agreements will forbid the use of these mattresses because of permanent damage to the flooring. There is also the possibility of leaks and however comforting these beds are one single leak and your sleep is gone. You also cannot go to bed wearing clothes with any metal, like trousers etc because there is always the danger of the zipper puncturing them.

Air mattresses

Air mattresses have traditionally been used only for camping although nowadays you do get them for permanent use in homes too. They are relatively cheap, are easy to install and transport and if you have good lungs, you can even blow them up yourself, although a foot or an electric pump would be recommended. Most air mattresses meant for permanent or semi-permanent use will have an electric pump attached. They come with a remote so that you can lie on your mattress and then regulate the amount of air inside them so that you can get your bed to the desired hardness. This makes them even better than a water bed because of the ease of configuring them.

The disadvantage of using air mattresses is that they are made of soft PVC. Many soft PVC products release dangerous toxins over time, and sleeping a full 8 hrs is really not what you should be looking to do. Although they may be good for emergencies when guests arrive, as a permanent mattress they are not recommended. Many European governments are working on bringing in regulation to limit the use of these materials, especially in the use of soft toys for children.

As you can see, although the air mattress gives you major advantages over the water mattress, the fact that they contain poisonous substances is a major stumbling block. So until these beds start being made in a different material, it is the water bed that takes the cake.

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