If you have outstanding personality and flying high in sky is always your first dream, then being an airline or aviation employee will make your dream come true. If you are qualified from well known college or institute, then this hospitality has vast opportunity for you.

Airline and Hotel Management Academy (AHA) is known for providing best degree Bachelor in Cabin Crew in Chittorgarh that help one to make successful career in this hospitality. We are known as leading Academy that focus on providing professional airline course that helps students to handle all major activities at airport and Airline Company. If you seriously want to build a successful career in this hospitality, then just be the part of AHA and see yourself at good position in future.

Types of Aviation Career
With an undergrad degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management, students could potentially go on to work in operations, gross revenue, ground crew, cabin crew, and ticketing or passenger service. In this field, a bachelor’s degree is the standard prerequisite for entry-level positions, but a master’s degree may enhance career opportunities.

How does AHA prepare their students for making careers in the airline industry?

Here at AHA, we employ industry-experienced faculty member who can spread their real world knowledge into the classroom. In addition AHA offers mainly 4 courses that specialize in the study of aviation industry:
• Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism
• Diploma in Cabin Crew
• Diploma in Airport Management
• Diploma in Travel and Ticketing

Hotel Management
Hotel Management is a field that requires aspirants to have good communication skills as well as an impressive personality. Due to globalization the hotel/ hospitality management industry is known to mature by leaps and bounds. Each year, a great deal of hospitality related jobs are injected into the economic system. Jobs in this field do not offer by Indian firms but international firms are also recruited higher number of employees every year, hence this industry is best for making a successful career.

In order to make a brightful future in the field of Hotel/ Hospitality Management, aspirants need to pursue a course in same field from reputed college. Candidate can pursue an undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate (PG) programme in the field of hotel management.

Airline and Hotel Management Academy (AHA) is known for providing best Hotel Management Institute in Chittorgarh that also offers various certified course such as:
• Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
• Diploma in Food Production
• Diploma in Hospitality Management
• Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Skill required for Hotel/Hospitality Management
Candidates who want to make a mark in this field should be able to perform multi-task because in this field one is constantly tested to expand their boundaries on regular basis. Some key skills that an individual should have to be successful in the hotel/ hospitality management industry are:
• Should have outgoing and pleasant personality
• Polite demeanor
• Customer Oriented Approach
• Should be confidence
• Ability to adjust in a crowd/ different circumstances
• Willingness to work long and odd hours
• Good communication skills
• Should have creative mind
• Should be responsible for all his task
• Team Spirit
• Good Listener
• Ability to be committed and dedicated to a task
• Should have ability of performing multi task.
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