Rio de Janeiro is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is surveyed to be the second largest city of Brazil and also it is surveyed to be the third largest metropolitan area in South America. This city is a global city and is a home to a numerous universities and institutes. It is noted as the second biggest center of research and development in the country of Brazil, and it accounts to 17% of the total national scientific production. This was surveyed back in the year 2005. This city is also the most visited among the cities in the entire southern hemisphere and is unique in many aspects. The city is worth visiting as there is a lot to see and do and keeps one occupied in a number of fun and frolic activities.

The city is famous and well-known for the carnival celebrations, samba, boss Nova, and the magnificent beaches where one can spend hours together without getting bored. There are also a number of famous landmarks, which makes the city attractive for the tourists and visitors. The city is one of the hottest destinations among the millions of travelling and holidaying freaks. There are a number of airlines which offer cheap airline flights to Rio de Janeiro. Cheap tickets to Rio de Janeiro can be obtained during the off seasons when the rush is lesser.

Rio de Janeiro International Airport is popularly known by its original name which is Galeao International Airport. This airport is being maintained and run by Infraero, and it is the largest airport in entire Brazil. This airport is surveyed to be one of the busiest airports in the country of Brazil. The airport has excellent infrastructure and all amenities that make the passengers comfortable. After the baggage claim and the custom check, the passengers may reach the arrivals on the first floor. There is also a shopping area where the passengers may spend some time shopping and have a quality time. There are also centers for foreign exchange so that the international passengers may not face any problem regarding the change of currency. There are also booths for tourist information centers so that the tourists can be assisted with the information and any help to make them comfortable.

If you are a travel freak, then it is must you visit this city at least once. Cheap tickets to the city are available in a number of low cost airlines. Flights to Rio de Janeiro can be booked online or a number of airline and tourism offices from anywhere in the world. If somebody is planning a tour and have a limited budget, then one can opt for cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro which are being offered by a number of low cost airlines.

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