Hair loss is something that troubles people all over the world and the people of Bangalore are no different. Even though this city has always been recognised as the hub of young people, who like to look their best at all times, there are several people who are currently battling hair loss. It is important to understand that there are different stages to hair loss and it is only in the worst case scenarios that you consider surgical methods such as hair transplant.

For most people, it is often the lack of proper information that leads them down the wrong ways and at the mercy of untrained professionals. However, things are now seeing a massive change in Bangalore, because AK Clinics is now making its presence felt in the Garden City. In collaboration with Kosmoderma Clinics, AK Clinics is now bringing cutting edge hair transplant methods to the people of Bangalore.

From the time AK Clinics was established, it has been offering modern technology and methods for anyone looking for a hair transplant. In addition, to recreating your idea of a ‘crowning glory’, the team at AK Clinics also holds an expertise in restoring beards, moustaches and eyebrows to name a few.

Kosmoderma Clinics, under the able leadership of Dr. Chytra V Anand, has been offering skincare treatments to the people of Bangalore since long. So, the collaboration between both the teams was a natural bonding. Today, AK Clinics [1] is offering its expertise and experience to the people of Bangalore.

Here are some of the services that you can avail at AK Clinics, Bangalore:

FUT hair transplant – Commonly known as strip surgery, this is often the method of choice, when large areas of the head need to be covered. The experience of the doctors will ensure that you have minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure. Our team will also ensure that the scars are placed so, that they are covered with the new hair growth.

FUE hair transplant – A more modern approach, this is the procedure of choice when you want incredibly natural looking hair, without the scars. Hair is extracted using a method that is similar to vacuum suction and then the hair is transplanted into the demarcated area.

Bio FUE and BIO DHT – These are both methods that were developed in-house at AK Clinics and are now being used to provide incredible results to people suffering from hair loss.

Facial hair transplant – While we have an expertise in restoring the hair on your head, we can work similar miracles for hair on other parts of the body too. Our team has undertaken several beard, moustache, eyebrow and eyelash restoration projects and emerged extremely successful.

Here are some of the reasons why you will not want to go anywhere else, but AK Clinics:

• We do not believe in forcing you into procedures that you do not require. Our team will examine you thoroughly and only if there is truly a need for a hair transplant, will we suggest it to you.

• Once it has been established that a hair transplant will be required, we will ensure that we educate you about which procedure will work the best for you, the number of grafts that will be required and the possible side effects [2].

• Our team will inform you about the do’s and don’ts, the number of sittings you might need and how much time off of work you might need to take.

• Our clinics are not only state of the art, but also in strict keeping with the required licenses and certifications. Our team takes great pride in ensuring that the premises are kept sanitised and all the equipment is sterilised.

• What is perhaps our greatest USP is that our team of doctors are never complacent and they are constantly updating themselves on the newest techniques and breakthroughs in the domain. This not only allows them to perform better, but also help the patients make informed choices.

Author's Bio: 

This article was written by Dr. Kapil Dua, A Pioneer Hair Transplant Surgeon in India & Co-founder of AK Clinics. He loves to help people get the hair back and keeping it healthy all the way.