Believed to be the place that holds the records of memories from all souls, the hall of akashic records gives you access to a wealth of information. This mystical library contains all memories and events from throughout the past, present, and future of a soul. This highly sought after information is not easily accessible, but is an exciting place to visit for those with the persistence to do so. Most believe that access to the akashic records is only achieved through a spirit guide that has access to the records. Limited access makes it difficult, but not impossible to visit the hall of records.

Meditation and Akashic Records

Most visitors of the akashic records do so through guided meditation and astral projection. Through deep breathing and other relaxation techniques, you can learn to achieve astral projection, which can help you visit other planes of existence including the akashic records. If you decide you’d like to attempt astral projection, it’s important to understand that it can take time for you to achieve success. If you want to give it a try, there are some quick tips that can help.

•Choosing the Right Time and Place—Success in astral projection relies heavily on your comfort level as you attempt astral travel. Before you begin, it’s important to find a comfortable place, which is free from distractions. Comfort also applies to the temperature of the space, as your physical body temperature will most likely drop during projection. Make sure you have a blanket covering your body and that the room is a comfortable temperature. Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn and you should remove any jewelry as well.

•Clear the Mind and Relax the Body—When you’re ready to begin, meditation and deep breathing will help you clear your mind while relaxing the body. In order to remember your experience, your mind must remain aware the entire time. It is also important to allow your physical body to relax while your astral one awakens. The proper balance must be achieved in order to succeed, which can take time to accomplish.

Goal Setting to Get Going—Like the physical body, the astral one needs direction and guidance when it travels. Attempting to astral travel without setting forth goals will most likely lead to failure. Before you make attempts, it’s important to decide what it is you’re after on the astral plane. If your ultimate goal is to visit the akashic records that will help you find your way as you travel.

•Fear—For all beginners, the biggest obstacle that must be overcome is fear. Fear of the unknown can overwhelm you as you move through the stages of astral projection, making it difficult to find your way to success. Often, the only way to overcome fear is to practice. In time and with repeated attempts, you will grow accustomed to the sensations that come with astral projection.

•Binaural Beats—Along with visualization and meditation, binaural beats can also be useful in attempts at astral projection. As ideal ways to promote relaxation and distract the mind from fear, binaural beats are commonly used in astral projection attempts.

Where Else Can the Body Go During Astral Projection?

Aside from the hall of akrashic records, the astral body can travel to many other places during attempts at astral projection. The direction the astral body will travel will be completely dependent on your goals and the guidance you give it as it travels. You may choose to go to a different time, dimension, or space. The possibilities are endless on the astral plane, making it possible to see and do things that cannot occur on the physical plane. If you’re ready to make attempts at astral projection, you may need to practice for several months or even years before succeeding.

Since most people include astral travel in a lifelong set of practices, patience is an important part of succeeding in your attempts. Enlightenment, problem solving, healing, knowledge, and much more can be found on the astral plane. Whether you want to aim for the akrashic records or you have other goals, you will find many possibilities on this other plane of existence.

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