Excessive consumption of alcohol affects the quality of your life and health. If you are unable to quit drinking alcohol or can’t make it through the day without getting a drink, you need help to regain control of your life. LifeSync Malibu is making a significant effort in addressing the Malibu alcohol abuse through a comprehensive treatment plan for long term results.

The Development of Alcohol Abuse
The consumption of alcohol may commence as an innocent habit but slowly develops into a condition that needs urgent care. You can easily drift into addiction as alcohol alters brain chemistry when you start binge drinking and excessive drinking regularly.

Alteration of the brain's reward system triggers the production of biochemicals like dopamine that boost your self-confidence, mood, and make you feel good.

Continuous intake of alcohol makes the brain crave for high levels of dopamine.
With time, you develop intense cravings for alcohol. The brain builds tolerance for alcohol, making it necessary for you to drink more to get the pleasure you seek. Unfortunately, excess consumption of alcohol affects your life, productivity at work, and social interactions.

Symptoms and Behaviors of Alcohol Addicts
At LifeSync Malibu, you are evaluated for the symptoms and behaviors highlighted below in ascertaining that you have an alcohol use disorder.

• If you are unable to quit or reduce your rate of alcohol consumption.
• If you get strong cravings for alcoholic drinks.
• Willingness to forgo plans or social activities to drink alcohol.
• Spend more time drinking or nursing hangovers after the drink.
• Constant failure in meeting your responsibilities at school, work, or home.
• Withdrawal symptoms whenever you fail to drink.
• You are drinking heavily despite it causing problems with your family.
• The constant need to drink to get a similar effect
• You are putting your life in danger by drinking and driving.
• Drinking heavily, yet you have memory blackouts or a health condition.
• Withdrawal symptoms like irritability, insomnia, shakiness, nausea, or sweating.

If you are a regular consumer of alcohol, you may not know that you have a problem, or you may be in denial. Women who take at least eight drinks, and men who take at least fifteen drinks in a week, risk drifting into addiction.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse at LifeSync Malibu
At LifeSync Malibu, you are subjected to a comprehensive medical care plan that includes exceptional residential care and a full detox program. The team also uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that combines therapy and medication to deliver long term results.

Your treatment starts with detoxification to remove alcohol from your body as the team at LifeSync Malibu closely monitors you as you detox. Medication is provided to relieve you of withdrawal symptoms while reducing your cravings for alcohol.
As medication supports your detoxification, therapy is also used to support your recovery process. Group and individual therapy sessions ensure that you recover fully. Your treatment plan helps you understand the triggers of your alcohol abuse, behavior patterns, and equips you with the tools that you need to maintain your recovery in the days to come.

To learn more about the treatment plan for alcohol abuse, you can call LifeSync Malibu at 866-497-5433 to book an appointment for yourself or your loved ones.

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