Alcohol and drug abuse is the state of having unhealthy or hazardous drinking habits. The victims try many substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, household chemicals, marijuana, and others.

Alcoholism is very hazardous thus, increases the risk of developing other befalling conditions. This leads to substance disorder. When drugs and alcohol are mixed together, they are likely to cause a serious physical behavioral and health complications. This can also increase effects of each substance and trigger dangerous interactions.

Persons who abuse alcohol are mostly at a risk of abusing other influences like, illicit drugs, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana. Such heavy substances can cause Spartan bodily injuries and lead to life-threatening side effects. If these conditions are not addressed earlier, they can lead to perpetual health problems.

All the ailments related to alcohol aren’t self-treated. They require the involvement of medical treatment, counseling, and therapy. In aggregation with helping such patients, hospitals liaise with medical answering service companies for effective treatment. Such companies have counselors and specialist who help the drug addict patients they book the patients in for appointments and set reminders for the next visit which is part of their work too. Drug addict patients require close follow-up and monitoring of which the medical call answering service together with the hospitals and doctors does that efficiently.

Substance Abuse

This disorder involves the chronic use of drugs and alcohol. A long period of drug and alcohol intake raises your tolerance, therefore, the body quenchers for more substance all the time.

Both alcohol and substance abuse can start as minor problem whereby it slowly increases to a more severe and complex problem. This begins when you give a trial, then you make it a routine and slowly your body becomes addictive and craves for more each day.

Noticing and learning the early warning signs of alcohol and substance is the first step of getting help early. If the condition is left unattended for a very long time, issues with drinking and drugs can worsen and become life-threatening.

Drug and alcohol problem awareness

Signs and symptoms differ with individuals since they manifest differently. To those individuals who hide their drinking and drug problems, it’s not easy to identify if they have a problem. Because of the disgrace and negative implications related to alcohol and drug abuse, majority deny they have a problem at all. In such situations, it becomes very hard for the family members and friends to seek help and save their loved ones earlier.

The risks associated with drugs and alcohol abuse.
The side effects of drugs and alcohol abuse depend on the amount of consumption on has taken. However, one can experience a range of harmful side effects. Alcohol is narcotic thus; mixing it with another drug can be harmful to your health.

Below are some common drugs and alcohol combination.

•Cocaine and alcohol: this is a most common combination among the drug users. Cocaine is a stimulant and it increases blood pressure, heart rate, and alertness. If consumed it helps the alcohol to reach the brain faster thus, causing an intense feeling of pleasure. The major risk includes heart attack overdose and it can cause death.
•Heroin and alcohol: They are both drugs and they cause similar side effects. Their major risk is they lead to slowed breathing, slowed heartbeat. These conditions are life-threatening.
•Ecstasy and alcohol: Ecstasy is a stimulant that causes a severe adverse causes dehydration, diarrhea, excessive sweating, heat stroke nausea, and vomiting.
•Sleeping pill and alcohol: sleeping pills are seductive. Therefore, a combination of sleeping pills with alcohol is life-threatening. When the pills are combined with alcohol they cause, dizziness, confusion, and can cause deep drowsiness, respiratory depression and cause death.

Effects of drug and alcohol consumption

Short-term effects are:
•Muscle control difficulties.
•Poor concentration
•Memory loss
•Lowering inhabitations
•Respiratory problems

Long-term effects are:
•Loss of the memory
•Poor nutrition
•Poor harmonization skills
•Damage to internal organs


The drinking habit can ruin your family, friends, and can ruin your health and career too. These conditions are treatable and they can be overcome with the help of health medical specialists. The medical call answering services in conjunction with the doctors have the ability and skills required to arrest such issues and help the addicts.

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