Life is a package deal–good habits favor others while bad habits tend to entrap us, Russian scientist, Pavlov, called coffee, ‘Bad Habit Glue’–it glues bad habits together.

Rats fed a balanced nutrition and given a choice of water or alcohol to drink, tended to drink water, but on a junk food, teenage diet, they preferred alcohol. Adding coffee and 11 spices made the alcohol consumption soar, but it dropped off when the animals were returned to a better diet. This means the diet we choose offers profound results.

Alcoholic Anonymous sometimes sit around with coffee and a smoke while talking about the evils of alcohol. If one wants to quit smoking, it’s very difficult while drinking alcohol, or caffeine which stimulates the nerves so one needs a smoke.

Caffeine has a dozen adverse effects on nerves, sleep, heart rhythm (not allowed in a coronary care unit). Drug companies love caffeine because it creates a need for antacids, headache medicine, and much medical care. It can cause fibrocystic disease of the breast, cancer of the pancreas (New England Journal of Medicine, 3-12-1981) and osteoporosis in women. Cleft palate and hare lip are associated birth defects from caffeine in the first trimester of pregnancy.

If something is bad for the body, it can be bad many ways, yet millions use this drug classified by the FDA as GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe–ugh–they’re in bed with the drug companies.

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