One of the major contributors to high blood pressure is the consistent consumption of alcohol. Regular alcohol drinkers increase the risks of elevated blood pressure because it affects the normal functioning of the body by reversing what it needs to remain healthy.

Any hypertension patient who has an alcohol problem must have their medications carefully prescribed and monitored by a physician. Alcohol and high blood pressure is a significant threat for further medical problems.

Although hypertension patients are administered blood pressure medications, the alcohol has a tendency to alter the effectiveness of the medications. The ultimate effect that the alcohol has may vary amongst individuals because of tolerance levels. Yet, the fact remains that the alcohol affects the flexibility of the blood vessels which elevates the blood pressure to critical levels.

Here are some effects that alcohol has on high blood pressure.

1. Weight increase: The large amount of alcohol causes weight gain due to increase in calories. As a result, further medications have to be prescribed to control the hypertension. This task renders difficult as the alcohol effects the medication which may cause extreme danger.

2. Increases risks for other medical complications: Drinking alcohol increases the risk of further complications that result from hypertension. People that suffer with cardiac illnesses, severe hypertension or congestive heart failure are in a severe life- threatening situation.

3. Decreases nutrient intake: Regular alcohol consumption affects the intake of calcium and magnesium. These nutrients are essential to lower blood pressure as well as to maintain a healthy body.

4. Diminishes effects of medication: Because the alcohol elevates and constantly alters your blood pressure, it diminishes the effects of the medication. Also, the alcohol generally increases the side effects of the medications. The two mixed together simply causes further medical complications.

If you are a heavy alcohol drinker, it is recommended that you seriously consider making a change in your lifestyle. As you can see, alcohol has a variety of negative affects on the outcome of high blood pressure. Your primary physician should assist you with developing a healthy eating plan along with a plan to decrease the amount of alcohol that you consume.

In most cases, your physician will give you unlimited support, yet also give you limits and extensive guidelines to follow regarding your drinking habits. Research has proven that alcohol and high blood pressure are a dangerous combination that renders any type of hypertension treatment useless.

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