Hemospermia refers to the presence of blood in men's semen during ejaculation. Some men will have massive blood clots that naked eyes can see. Some men will have semen with a blood streak that men can not observe by the naked eye but through microscopic examination. Most men with hematospermia will have ejaculation pain, premature ejaculation, perineal pain, frequent urination, urgency, and other symptoms besides blood in the semen.

Alert to three disease when you have hemaspermia?

1. Seminal vesiculitis

Chronic seminal vesiculitis can lead to hemospermia, mainly because men's seminal vesicle wall is relatively thin. Inflammation can spread to the adjacent prostate and urethra, leading to infection and repeated organ congestion. In this case, the capillaries break, and the blood goes into the semen, leading to red or pink semen.

2. Prostatitis

Repeated prostatitis can cause the prostate to be stimulated and congested for a long time. In this case, capillaries are easy to rupture, and blood will fuse with prostatic fluid. During ejaculation, the semen will contain prostatic fluid, which will make the semen contaminated with a small amount of blood to form blood sperm.

3. Ejaculatory duct obstruction

Male ejaculatory duct obstruction will make the surrounding pipeline a state of expansion, and long-term development will lead to mucosal vascular rupture, bleeding, and hematospermia. If the block has not been treated, the disease will develop into a malignant tumor as time goes on.

Hematospermia is primarily due to infection of the reproductive system. At this time, carry out a semen examination to determine which kind of pathogenic bacteria is causing hematospermia. Only then can complementary drug treatment be given according to specific bacteria. Generally speaking, most symptoms can be relieved after taking antibacterial drugs for two weeks.

In addition to taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can reduce the local inflammatory response, thus relieving symptoms. Especially for men with a large amount of bleeding and severe pain, anti-inflammatory analgesic and hemostatic drugs can be combined.

At the same time, natural medicine is also a good choice, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate the symptoms of hemospermia and can be a good treatment of some reproductive system diseases, such as seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, etc.

When the symptoms of seminal vesicles persist or recur for more than six months and are still not relieved after standard drug treatment, it is necessary to be alert to the possible existence of seminal vesicle tumors. At this time, men need an inspection. Once diagnosed, use surgical treatment to control the condition.

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