Shortly after the launch of fatty acids and esters, glycerides, fatty alcohols, wax esters, and sphingolipids, the management of Alfa Chemistry decided to add sterols to its diversified product line of lipids. This move is made in response to the request of valued scientific customers as their interest in sterols has risen over the last decade.

Like other forms of lipids and fatty acids, sterols exist extensively in nearly all species, including animals, green plants, and fungi. Evidence shows that stanol or sterol esters behave extraordinarily well in lowering the total and LDL cholesterol levels and, in some cases, help prevent heart diseases. In this sense, the health benefits brought by stanol-rich foods are beyond measure.

“Sterols are referred to as phytosterols that present in the membranes of plants, and referred to as zoosterols and mycosterols in animals and microorganisms, respectively,” said one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry. “Pharmaceutical lipid compounds like sterols, phospholipids, fatty acids, and ceramides are of high commercial interest.”

According to current studies and research, sterols are widely used to prevent cardiovascular diseases, inhibit tumors, promote metabolism, and balance hormones.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease
Tumor inhibition
Metabolism promotion
Hormonal balance

All sterols provided by Alfa Chemistry are fast-delivered and are purposed to support research projects in multiple fields. Below are some of the best-selling sterols at Alfa Chemistry:

Cholesteryl gamma linolenate (CAS 99518-16-8), sodium glycocholate (CAS 863-57-0), alpha-tocopherol (CAS 10191-41-0), cholesteryl palmitelaidate (CAS 102679-72-1), cholesterol caproate (CAS 1062-96-0), squalene (CAS 111-02-4), sodium taurodeoxycholate (CAS 1180-95-6), cholesterol heptanoate (CAS 1182-07-6), delta-tocopherol (CAS 119-13-1), gamma-tocopherol (CAS 119-98-2), 5α,6β-dihydroxycholestanol (CAS 1253-84-5), cholesteryl 11(z)-vaccenate (CAS 13110-26-4), gamma-tocotrienol (CAS 14101-61-2), 13(s)-hode cholesteryl ester (CAS 141554-21-4), methyl cholate (CAS 1448-36-8), sodium taurocholate (CAS 145-42-6), beta-tocopherol (CAS 148-03-8), 27-alkyne cholesterol (1527467-07-7), 4β-hydroxy cholesterol (CAS 17320-10-4), stigmasterol (CAS 83-48-7), 3,7-dihydroxycoprostanic acid (CAS 17974-66-2), sodium glycodeoxycholate (CAS 16409-34-0), cholesteryl palmitoleate (CAS 16711-66-3), chenodeoxycholic acid (CAS 474-25-9), campestanol (CAS 474-60-2), ergosterol (CAS 57-87-4), beta-sitosterol (CAS 83-46-5), and many more.

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