Polymer stabilizers are essential substances in industrial production and human life. Reputed as a reliable supplier of varieties of materials and chemicals, Alfa Chemistry decided to add a brand-new product line of polymer stabilizers. To this end, a sub-website is built to be solely devoted to the offering of all kinds of high-quality polymer stabilizers and related custom synthesis services.

As its name suggests, polymer stabilizers are added to prevent the degradation of polymers during processing or use, thus prolonging their life. “Leveraging years of experience and strong expertise, we are committed to the manufacturing and development of innovative polymer stabilizers for the most demanding applications,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

At present, a comprehensive range of stabilizers are available at Alfa Chemistry, ready to serve as additives for plastics, which are listed below:

Antioxidants can inhibit autoxidation that occurs when polymers react with atmospheric oxygen. There are primary antioxidants and secondary antioxidants. Various antioxidants are available at Alfa Chemistry, such as tri-n-butyl phosphite, antioxidant 1520, antioxidant 1726, antioxidant 264(BHT), and antioxidant 1076.

Flame Retardant
Flame retardants are a variety of substances added to combustible materials to prevent fires from starting or to slow the spread of fire and provide additional escape time. Different polymers need to be matched to different flame retardants. There are brominated flame retardants (BFRs), mineral flame retardants, nitrogen-containing flame retardants and more.

Heat Stabilizer
Heat stabilizers can increase the overall ability of the polymer to withstand the negative effects of exposure to heat or high temperatures. They are widely used in PVC compounds.

Light Stabilizer
Photodegradation may lead to the change in the properties of polymers with regard to tensile strength, color, shape, etc. The main purpose of light stabilizers is to minimize or prevent the damage to polymers caused by exposure to the environmental parameters of light, heat and air.

Mould Inhibitor
Mould inhibitors are added into a range of polymers to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the product.

Optical Brightener
Also called fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs), optical brighteners can absorb UV light and emit visible (blue violet) light. They are widely used in detergents, textile, papers, synthetics & plastics, and many other industries.

Plasticizers are helpful in the production of plastic products/packaging, epoxy resins, water pipe lining, thermal printing paper, implanted medical devices and many other products. They can increase plasticity, decrease viscosity and friction during the manufacturing process.

Synthetic Auxiliary
Various synthetic auxiliaries are needed in the synthesis of polymers. Alfa Chemistry provides photoinitiators, chain extenders and nucleating agents for polymer synthesis.

Vulcanization Accelerator
Vulcanization accelerator is a compound that increases the speed of vulcanization and that enables vulcanization to proceed at lower temperature and with greater efficiency.

To learn more about Alfa Chemistry's offering of polymer stabilizers, please visit https://polymer-stabilizer.alfa-chemistry.com/.

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