Earlier this month, the management of Alfa Chemistry Catalysts announces to have released a new catalyst product line of phenanthroline ligands, which have found potential applications in a broad range of fields such as optical materials, organic chemistry and biomedicine.

Phenanthroline is a heterocyclic organic compound and has a planar rigid structure and plays an important role in coordination chemistry. A phenanthroline ligand refers to a ligand having a phenanthroline ring in its molecular structure.

"1,10-Phenanthroline is a classic ligand in coordination chemistry, which couples versatility in metal ion binding with peculiar properties of its complexes. Meanwhile, phenanthroline has increasingly become a versatile ligand for advanced functional polymeric materials," says a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry Catalysts. "To date, phenanthroline ligands have been broadly applied in three fields, namely, optical materials, organic chemistry and biomedicine."

Phenanthroline Ligands Applied in Optical Materials:
The complex of phenanthroline ligands has good photothermal stability and high oxidation-reduction potentials so they are widely used in solar energy conversion colorimetric analysis, supramolecular assembly, optical information storage, and photoluminescence probes in vivo.

Phenanthroline Ligands Applied in Organic synthesis
Some complexes formed by phenanthroline ligands and transition metals have catalytic properties in a number of reactions such as cycloaddition reactions, cross-coupling reactions, and decarboxylation coupling reactions.

Phenanthroline Ligands Applied in Biology and Medicine
The complex formed by phenanthroline and rare earth metal has antibacterial and antitumor functions, and thus finds its use in the fields of biology, medicine and pesticides.

Below are some of the phenanthroline ligands provided by Alfa Chemistry Catalysts:
1,10-Phenanthroline monohydrate, 99% (CAS 5144-89-8), 3,8-Dibromo-1,10-phenanthroline (CAS 100125-12-0), 3,4,7,8-Tetramethyl-1,10-phenanthroline (CAS 1660-93-1), 1,10-Phenanthroline Hydrochloride Monohydrate (CAS 18851-33-7), 2-Bromo-1,10-phenanthroline (CAS 22426-14-8), 4,7-Phenanthroline (CAS 230-07-9), 2,9-Dichloro-1,10-phenanthroline(29176-55-4),5-Nitro-1,10-phenanthroline (CAS 4199-88-6), 5-Chloro-1,10-phenanthroline (CAS 4199-89-7), Bathocuproine (CAS 4733-39-5), and more.

In addition to phenanthroline ligands, there are many other ligands available at Alfa Chemistry Catalysts, including amine ligands, bipyridine ligands, terpyridine ligands, imine ligands, oxazole ligands, oxazoline ligands, thiazole ligands, phenanthroline ligands, porphyrin ligands, phthalocyanine ligands, pyrazole ligands, imidazole ligands, triazole ligands, pyridine ligands, salen ligands, etc. For more information about Alfa Chemistry Catalysts’ offering of various types of ligands, please visit https://www.alfachemic.com/catalysts/products/phenanthroline-ligands.html or email us directly.

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