Fully aware of the importance of customized preparation for graphene material in downstream applications, Alfa Chemistry announced the commencement of offering graphene dispersion customization service earlier in June.

The company is known as a reliable supplier of various forms of graphene and related customization services. Making use of its advanced R&D technologies, Alfa Chemistry can disperse single-layer graphene, graphene oxide, or reduced graphene oxide well in solvents, such as DI Water, EtOH, NMP, DMF, and THF. The concentration ranges from 1 ~ 30 mg/mL upon customers’ request, the number of graphene layers could be 1 ~ 5, and the final concentrate suspension of graphene is usually brown or black in color.

“Leveraging the exceptional properties of graphene usually requires its dispersion into different solvents. Therefore, to make graphene applicable and environmentally safe for coating, composite, and other material applications, our laboratory staff can handle and disperse graphene in water and other solvents using surfactants, polymers, and other dispersants,” said Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

To create good dispersions, Alfa Chemistry has established its internal parameters using direct stripping and molecular modification methods. The former preparation technique applies ultrasound and other technical means to embed the solvent molecules in the graphite sheet thus achieving the exfoliation of graphite. Meanwhile, the latter adds foreign molecules to the oxygen-containing functional groups on the surface of graphene oxide to achieve better solubility.

Overall, graphene dispersion can be applied in functional fluids, environmental remediation, polymer composites, thin films, functional materials, and other fields.

“Also, our nanotechnology experts can provide technical guidance throughout the whole graphene custom synthesis process, starting from the selection of the most appropriate particle size, solvent, and coating material for a given application to packaging and delivery,” further added the Marketing Chief.

Please visit https://graphene.alfa-chemistry.com/services/customized-graphene-dispers... to learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s graphene dispersion customization capabilities.

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The expert team of Alfa Chemistry always manages to present newly emerging materials to researchers the moment they are commercially available. Graphene is among such materials. Via the employment of graphene, many new application prospects have been opened up. Through years of research and innovation, Alfa Chemistry not only focuses on the production and offering of high-quality research graphene but also provides customization, modification, and analysis services on graphene. Factors such as cost, stability, safety, and end of life are all taken into consideration. Alfa Chemistry’s ultimate goal is to make novel materials like graphene easily accessible and cost-efficient for all researchers.