Fully aware of the vital role of sample preparation in researchers’ daily work, Alfa Chemistry aims to solve the toughest filtration, purification and separation challenges by introducing a comprehensive range of basic filtration products, including media, membranes, filter plates, filter papers, etc. Researchers will benefit from Alfa Chemistry’s standard product quality, high performance and product consistency. All are critical factors to guarantee continued success.

“Our products can filter almost everything, from air to aqueous solutions to corrosive solvents,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Varieties of basic filtration products available at Alfa Chemistry:

Depth Filter Sheets
The depth filter sheets can be used to separate liquids from unwanted contaminants, such as beer, wine, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, bottled water, and dairy. Alfa Chemistry offers activated carbon filter sheets, classical depth filter sheets, ion reduced depth filter sheets, pure cellulose depth filter sheets and alike.

Filter Media and Cartridges
Filter media is the material used in the cartridge to capture dust particles. Alfa Chemistry has a wide range of Filter media and cartridges products, including: pleated membrane filter cartridges, pleated prefilter cartridges, small filter cartridge filters, and tangential flow cartridges.

Filter Membranes
Choosing the most ideal filter membrane is of critical importance to the success of any filtration projects. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of filter membrane options, including pre-filtration, solvent filtration, sample clarification, sterile filtration, air monitoring, particle collection and analysis, and other biological and environmental applications in combination with filter holders and other hardware.

Filter Papers
Designed for quantitative and qualitative analyses as well as for pressure or vacuum filtration, advanced filter paper is essential for daily work in the laboratory and industrial applications. The filter paper offered at Alfa Chemistry is made of high-quality raw materials to ensure high repeatability and uniformity. Overall, a full range of more than 100 individual grades of filters and technical paper or board are available and can be selected for different scenarios.

Filter Plates
Alfa Chemistry combines innovative membrane filtration technology with optimized porous filter plate design. The high-performance filter plates it provides can achieve rapid sample flow and target size separation, thereby allowing efficient filtration, accurate separation, and reliable sample recovery.

Extraction Sleeves
The extraction sleeves offered by Alfa Chemistry include: extraction sleeves 100% cellulose, extraction sleeves glass fibres, high-purity glass microfiber extraction thimbles, and standard glass microfiber extraction thimbles.

To learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of basic filtration products, please visit cproducts/basic-filtration-products-2693.html.

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To provide better service and product portfolios to customers worldwide, business expansion is a must-do strategy. Over the last few years, Alfa Chemistry has continuously extended its product offering to a wider collection of chemicals and materials. Having unparalleled expertise in the field of analytical testing, Alfa Chemistry decides to amplify its strength and hence introduces a wide range of products and services to solve our customers' biggest filtration, separation and purification challenges.