On November 17, 2020, Alfa Chemistry Materials, an expert in specialized materials, announces to release a range of crosslinking agents for the global market, which could be used for the betterment of polymer materials.

As crosslinking agents can transform linear or lightly branched macromolecules into a three-dimensional network structure and improve their performances in regard with strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, and solvent resistance, they are widely added to resins.

“Crosslinking is a type of polymerization reaction that branches out from the main molecular chain to form a network of chemical links, and in this process, cross-linking agents are added to resins,” says a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry Materials. “Cross-linking agent works by creating chemical bonds between the linear molecules, so as to improve the strength and elasticity of the rubber. Crosslinking has been employed in the synthesis of ion-exchange resins and stimuli-responsive hydrogels made from polymer molecules containing polar groups. ”

With chemical cross-linking techniques, new polymer derivatives that completely have different physical and chemical properties can be produced. Therefore, the application of crosslinking agents is far more wide-ranged than what the scientist said above, which include:

Crosslinking and modification of various thermoplastics
Crosslinking of acrylic and styrene ion exchange resins
Modification of polyacrylate, polyalkyl acrylate
Modification of epoxy resin and DAP (polyallyl phthalate) resin
Crosslinking and modification of unsaturated polyester and thermoplastic polyester
Used as an intermediate for light-curing coatings, photoresists, flame retardants and flame-retardant cross-linking agents

“After cross-linking, properties like thermal degradation, glass transition, particle size, pore size, pore volume, surface area, and swelling are totally changed. For example, cross-linking agents can transform polyethylene (PE) from being a basic commodity thermoplastic into a useful engineering material. Meanwhile, controlled cross-linking also provides enhanced properties like heat resistance and durability in PE applications in medical, foam, pipe, wire & cable, and other fields.

The crosslinking agents available at Alfa Chemistry Materials include: p-Divinylbenzene, Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate, Divinylbenzene, Tetra(ethylene glycol) diacrylate, Tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether and many more. For more details, please visit https://materials.alfachemic.com/products/crosslinkers-412.html or email us directly.

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