Alfa Chemistry announces that measures have been taken to optimize its supply of PEG linkers, a popular product line among its various chemicals, covering acid PEG linkers, alkyl PEG linkers, amino PEG linkers, azido PEG linkers, benzyl PEG linkers, biotin PEG linkers, fmoc PEG linkers, NHBoc PEG linkers, NHS ester PEG linkers, t-butyl ester PEG linkers, THP PEG linkers, and other PEG Linkers. Now almost 1,000 PEG linkers are available and ready for use.

PEG-linkers, or hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol), are particularly attractive as a linker for conjugation, because of their specific characteristics such as water solubility, lack of toxicity, low immunogenicity and well defined chain lengths and molecular weights. All contribute to the wide applications of PEG linkers in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Among all the unique features of hydrophilic PEG linkers, the following ones are of vital importance: first, they can increase the solubility of the conjugate for improved pharmaceutical properties and straightforward production process alo enable high yields; secondly, they can preserve the binding affinity of targeting molecule through reduced attachment sites; thirdly, multiloading will allow less potent toxins, therefore, highly specialized facilities are not a must,” commented a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry.

The PEG linkers provided at Alfa Chemistry include:

Acid PEG linkers
Acid PEG linkers have improved aqueous solubility and have been widely used in target drug delivery and MRI imaging applications. Some of the representatives are: Thiol-PEG12-acid, Bis-PEG14-acid, Azido-PEG4-acid, Bromo-PEG1-CH2COOH, Propargyl-PEG5-acid, Mal-NH-PEG4-acid, Cbz-N-amido-PEG6-acid, Hydroxy-PEG2-acid, etc.

Alkyl PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Methyl-PEG7-bromide, Methyl-PEG20-alcohol, M-PEG7-aldehyde, Methyl-PEG11-SPA, Methyl-PEG2-bromide, Methyl-PEG9-t-butyl ester, etc.

Amino PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Propargyl-PEG4-amine, Amino-PEG12-acid, Amino-PEG2-t-butyl ester, Amino-PEG3-CH2COOH, Methylamino-PEG5-t-butyl ester, Amino-PEG3-t-butyl ester, Amino-PEG8-SH HCl, etc.

Azido PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Azido-PEG4-azide, Bromo-PEG8-azide, Azido-PEG3-NHS ester, Bromo-PEG6-azide, Mal-PEG2-NHS ester, Azido-PEG5-NHS ester, Azido-PEG8-CH2COOH, etc.

Benzyl PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Benzyl-PEG12-alcohol, Benzyl-PEG2-azide, Benzyl-PEG8-THP, Benzyl-PEG20-alcohol, Benzyl-PEG9-t-butyl-ester, Benzyl-PEG2-CH2COOH, etc.

Biotin PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Biotin-PEG6-amine, Biotin-PEG3-CH2COOH, Biotin-PFP ester, Biotin-PEG4-propargyl, Biotin-PEG3-methyl ethanethioate, Biotin-PEG6-Silane, Biotin-PEG4-Acryloyl, etc.

Fmoc PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Fmoc-N-amido-PEG10-acid, Fmoc-NH-PEG3-CH2COOH, FmocNH-PEG4-t-butyl acetate, Fmoc-N-PEG6-amine, etc.

NHBoc PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: t-boc-N-amido-PEG4-amine, N-Boc-PEG4-alcohol, t-boc-N-amido-PEG3-bromide,t-boc-N-amido-PEG12-amine, etc.

NHS ester PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Biotin-PEG4-NHS ester, Chloroacetamido-PEG5-NHS ester, Bromoacetamido-PEG5-NHS ester, Mal-PEG8-NHS ester, NHS ester-PEG12-COOH, etc.

t-butyl ester PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Chloroacetamido-PEG5-t-butyl ester, Propargyl-PEG5-t-butyl ester, Hydroxy-PEG8-t-butyl ester, Hydroxy-PEG6-t-butyl ester, Hydroxy-PEG13-t-butyl ester, etc.

THP PEG linkers
Some of the representatives are: Bromo-PEG3-THP, THP-PEG1-alcohol, Bromo-PEG2-THP, THP-PEG8-THP,THP-PEG9-alcohol, etc.

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Having been a reliable partner for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies, Alfa Chemistry continues to upgrade its product line of supplying a comprehensive range of chemicals like building blocks, reagents, catalysts and reference materials to customers. Recently, the company built diversified product lines, covering catalysts, fatty acids, functional polymers, materials, regents and many more.