Earlier this year, Alfa Chemistry, a well-established chemical supplier based in New York, announced its decision to further optimize its supply of MOF chemicals, a new material that has huge potentials in fields like gas storage, separation, and catalysis. Now the company has completed the website refresh work and introduced a new brand logo. All these efforts are made in the hope of bringing better customer experience and more convenient website searching.

“Ever since the launch of this new product line, our MOF chemicals have received good response from the research circle. Scientists who are exploring the many possibilities of MOF chemicals in a wide range of applications come to us and express their preference for a more diversified product offering,” the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry revealed. “Being customer-centric, we are happy to receive feedback from our clients. We believe an updated website with a fresher outlook and a new logo are good proof for our ability to create meaningful connections between valued clients and our team.”

After the refreshment, a comprehensive array of MOF linkers, COF linkers, MOF chemicals, and COF chemicals are now readily available at Alfa Chemistry.

MOFs Linkers
As one of the components constituting Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), the design of MOF linkers is of critical importance. The optimal choice of MOFs linkers size, geometry, and connectivity can create diverse structures and topologies, which can aid in the quest to design MOFs with higher performance. At present, Alfa Chemistry is capable of supplying carboxylic MOFs linkers, nitrogen MOFs linkers, phosphorous MOFs linkers, sulfonic acid MOFs linkers, halogen MOFs linkers, hydroxy MOFs linkers and others.

COFs Linkers
As the raw materials of COFs, COFs linkers are vital to the construction of COFs. At present, Alfa Chemistry provides different types of COFs linkers, including aldehyde COFs linkers, amido COFs linkers, nitro COFs linkers, boric COFs linkers, halogen COFs linkers, hydroxy COFs linkers, cyan COFs linkers and others.

MOFs Chemical
Being an intriguing class of hybrid materials, MOF chemicals are quite advantageous in terms of their high specific surface area, tunable porous structure, and abundant coordination-unsaturated metal sites. Alfa Chemistry offers a rich collection of MOFs. There are Fe-MOFs, Cu-MOFs, Al-MOFs, Zr-MOFs, Zn-MOFs, Ti-MOFs, Co-MOFs and Cr-MOFs as classified by metals, and there are MIL series MOFs, PCN series MOFs, CPL series MOFs, UIO series MOFs, ZIF series MOFs and IRMOF series MOFs as classified by crystal forms.

COFs Chemicals
COFs uniquely combine crystallinity and organic functionality, which makes them promising for use in the fields of gas storage and separation, catalysis, optoelectronics, sensing, small molecules adsorption and drug delivery. Alfa Chemistry offers all kinds of COFs materials and related technical advice and services.

For more details about the website changes, please visit https://mof.alfa-chemistry.com/.

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The trust of customers has been a big encouragement to Alfa Chemistry. Being motivated, the company has made great strides over the past decade, extending its business range to many newly emerging chemicals such as MOFs, and nanomaterials. With the huge potential of these innovative materials, more technology advances can be achieved. Together, we make the world we live in a better, safer and more environmentally friendly place.